Honor is flawed, but does not prevent them from greatness, flying cattle and flowers to steal honor?

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Perfect, easier said than done, but it is very difficult to do, the same is true in the KPL league, in KPL league championship every player is desirable to honor, and won the championship after the grand slam and became a new target, combined with their own honor, glory, a player want to complete it is almost impossible to do.In addition, there are other unstable factors in the acquisition of honor, for example, the attribution of honor is difficult to convince the public.Famous players, in particular, are almost always troubled by this honor, as was the case with Last year’s player of the Year, Huahai.From eStar team last year’s game, the flowers can be said to be very successful, after the game as a core team from spring, the flowers have been very perfect, especially in the autumn after the reconstruction, eStar successive title, and the flowers also got their own FMVP, after on the annual selection, flowers and won the player of the year,All at once.However, many people do not agree with The sea of Flowers, many people think that the fall MVP is “stolen” frankly, and the year award is “stolen” clean melting.Because in the finals of the autumn competition, The performance of Calm is really excellent, and the best of the year, qingrong has won the championship three times in one year.In terms of honor selection, Huahai does have its flaws.On the face of it, at least.However, in fact, we have overlooked the excellence of the flower sea itself.As the core player of eStar, Huahai can be said to be eStar’s first in terms of pressure and attracting “hatred”, and just because of this, other players have room to play.If teammate is a piece of gold, and flower sea is the key point that makes gold shine.Similarly, Flying Bull, the first player in the KPL league, won the FMVP at last summer’s World Championship, and the FMVP was thought by many to be small fat.From the point of view of the competition, we can not ignore the performance of Xiao Pangu, but the performance of Flying Bull can not be ignored, the reconstructed team, flying bull and Flower sea, all belong to the point of “attracting hatred”, and with this point, other players have the space to play.Flower sea “stole” the frank FMVP, flying cattle “stole” the fat FMVP, this is out of the question, because we are always ignoring the invisible role of flower sea and flying cattle, these two players are targeted, it is teammates take off “power”.If flying cattle is Chongqing QG ding Hai shenhai, the flower is wuhan eStar series machine, flying cattle is the spiritual leader of the Wolves, and Wuhan eStar reconstruction success, because of the flower sea the result of the intermediary series.Every successful player, will be questioned, but in doubt can not be used to evaluate the honor of the players, flying cattle and flower sea honor although there are flaws, but this does not prevent their greatness.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to peach Yao Hua