Shandong Provincial Department of Education: Earnestly do epidemic prevention and control work in the spring semester

2022-05-08 0 By

On the morning of February 17, the Education Department of Shandong province held a video conference on epidemic prevention and control in the province’s education system, making arrangements for further epidemic prevention and control in schools in the spring semester.Schools in Shandong province have opened one after another. Schools across the country should adhere to scientific and precise prevention and control in accordance with the in-depth defense strategy of “based on existing, moving forward and multiple barriers”.The normal prevention and control measures should be improved and optimized again, and efforts should be made to strengthen weaknesses, strengths and loopholes, to maintain the good situation of epidemic prevention and control in the education system, and earnestly safeguard the safety and health of teachers, students and staff in the province.Shandong province is required to coordinate the epidemic prevention and control and education arrangements for the spring semester, strengthen the analysis and judgment of the epidemic situation, timely adjust and improve the epidemic prevention and control measures of schools, properly handle the work of the new semester, strengthen deployment and scheduling, joint prevention and control, supervision and inspection, and build a tight and solid spring semester epidemic prevention and control network.Strict management of teachers, students and staff returning to school, comprehensive and dynamic control of teachers, students and staff (including cleaning, security, catering service and other logistics staff) and family members living together during the winter vacation health status and travel track.We will make solid efforts to carry out drills and exercises for emergencies, strengthen site preparation, material reserve and personnel allocation, and effectively improve the school’s ability and level of emergency response.We will strengthen campus environmental hygiene, strengthen mental health screening, and prepare for online education and teaching.At the same time, schools should implement regular epidemic prevention and control measures to resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic to schools.We will strictly manage relatively closed campuses, ensure the health management and control of teachers, students and staff, carry out regular nucleic acid tests in schools, and strengthen collaboration between schools and families.We will further tighten the responsibility of all parties, strengthen supervision and inspection, earnestly seek accountability, and build a solid defense line for campus epidemic prevention and control.(Dazhong Daily client reporter Wang Yuan)