Snow and ice in winter vacation

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The Winter Vacation is full of snow and ice. Guangming Daily reporter Xiao Renfu Guangming Daily correspondent Xu Hongyu Beijing Winter Olympic Games makes this winter vacation happy.The children in Changde, Hunan province, were overjoyed by snow that recently landed on the banks of yuanshui.Before the holiday, changde City education Bureau issued an initiative: during the winter vacation, the city’s primary and secondary school students actively carry out the Winter Olympics feature theme activities, reduce the subject homework burden, increase social practice, labor education.The initiative received positive responses from parents and children.”I was inspired when I heard the teacher tell the story of the birth of Bing Dandong and Xue Rongrong.I made Bing Dwen Dwen look like an astronaut and drew some planets around him.Xue Rong Rong’s body is full of the taste of The New Year, thriving, I drew some firecrackers and snow, looks more like the New Year.”Dingcheng District Flower boat Temple primary school Nie Yaxin proudly display copy.According to the reporter, this winter holiday, Dingcheng district 45 primary and secondary schools more than 50,000 students actively participate in the theme activities, the design of the Winter Olympics hand-copied newspaper, for the Winter Olympics.Taoyuan County held a letter activity themed “Messages from ice and Snow”, and primary and secondary school children wrote letters to express their excitement.”When the Winter Olympics come, we decorate the beautiful city with civilization and extend our ceremonial hands to welcome visitors from all sides.Bless the Olympics, sunshine China.”Dong Jingen of Taoyuan No. 9 High School wrote.”Wishing you the best results in the competition!Look forward to you in the national speed Skating hall, like red lightning across the finish line, so that the five-star red flag flying high!”Tong Zhe, who is from The Second Elementary School in Chou, Taoyuan County, wrote in a letter to Ning Zhongyan, an athlete.”The Winter Olympics made me understand that we should keep fit and let everyone have a strong body.”Taoyuan County Zhang Jiang Primary school Wang Shiyuan lyrics in the letter.Dancing like an athlete is also a favorite winter vacation homework for students.Long Anxu of Ziling Primary School in Wuling District, together with his classmates, insisted on two groups of 50 rope skipping every day.Keep learning broadcast gymnastics and cheer for the Winter Olympics with sports.”I want to keep fit and win glory for my country like my big brothers and sisters who participated in the Winter Olympics.”Long said.”It will be a great feast this winter holiday. Children will cheer for the Winter Olympics through sports and cheer for the Olympic idols.””Said Liu Chunxia, a teacher at the school.The distinctive winter vacation homework has eased the burden of students and made them cheer for the Winter Olympics, which has won praise from all walks of life.Students’ parents have said that winter vacation homework is no longer limited to writing, but also to increase the fun and harvest of children’s winter vacation life.Guo Kun, deputy head of the Publicity department of Taoyuan County Party Committee, is more concerned about the social meaning behind the fun.”I hope children will pay more attention to the Winter Olympics in a variety of ways, so that they can witness the prosperity of the motherland, strengthen their patriotism, build cultural confidence, shoulder the responsibility of youth, and encourage healthy growth.”Guo Kun said.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)