Snow into the heart, leaving an indelible imprint

2022-05-08 0 By

It’s snowing. It’s the strangest snow I’ve ever seen in my life. It doesn’t have the ups and downs of snowflakes, and there’s no graceful dancing, very close and sexy attitude.Only the smell of the spring rain, only the considerate and mysterious, and even mysterious.”Yanshan snow as big as mat, pieces of blowing down the yuan platform” and the snow you can hardly see with the naked eye, god as if magic, in the misty sky countless elves flying around, “thousands of pear trees open”, the ground is also a vast expanse of white.You look at the snow like small and delicate, refined salt flashing the light of 7 colour is like the water vapor in the air, the sky is filled in the fog, fell on the face, hands cool zi zi, you didn’t see it mysterious figure had vanished without a trace, only by the skin know ever come.Truly worthy of the spirit of nature, pure and immaculate angel, always choose in nature the most simple when open.You see, though there is no form in the air, it falls everywhere with the rhythm of poetry, leaving traces of fine prose.Snowflakes blooming on the peaks of the sky, in full bloom and on the withered branches of green leaves, it is the most beautiful love words in the world, such as whispering, lift up your male nature;It is everywhere, a touch of light makeup in the depths of the most pure and flawless, is the world’s most beautiful youth;A touch of dark fragrance, touch your heart the most hot feelings, such as magma eruption, such as the tide to bloom in April.It is the angel of spring, can wake up strange green leaves, more can let the flowers, let butterflies dance, bees “buzzing” singing, swallows new mud home.Buried the deepest thoughts, with the body temperature of life as a poem, wen Wan beautiful wandering around the world, years of static love is eternal.Your holiness as snow is engraved in the heart of the world, leaving a string of white footprints, lead me forward, as if the kite line you break I will be torn down by the wind.Because there is snow in the winter is not lonely, early spring is not boring, because there is snow in the world just hand in hand with hoary head, the world of mortals for good company.Every snowflake is the most beautiful blessing, wish all shall be well, Jack shall have Jill.A few years later, after a number of snow, I still do not think, since the most strange snow unforgettable, because it buried the deepest thoughts, such as iron burning in the bone marrow left an indelible mark.: A strange snow, missing their beloved people, it is also a happiness.Everything is so beautiful because of love.