The Chinese football team added a joke for the festival: the necessary skill of the coach is to apologize, it is better not to change the coach

2022-05-08 0 By

China’s national football team lost 3-1 to Vietnam on the first day of the Lunar New Year, which was filled with jokes on the festive day.CCTV has also come under fire for not switching one of the three matches during its coverage of the Women’s Asian Cup.I did not expect to open the first day of the broadcast of the men’s football match and mercilessly to China’s football a blunt rod.A few days ago, China women’s football team defeated Vietnam 3-1 in the quarterfinals of the Asian Women’s Cup, while the Chinese men’s football team in the round of 12 gave Vietnam its first ever victory in the third stage of the preliminary round.They also avenged the death of the Vietnamese women’s football team.The two CCTV commentators were calm with the score and had confidence in China’s comeback throughout the first half, before conceding the third goal in a one-upshot tone.The most unfunny part of the New Year’s Eve gala is actually a crosstalk, and the Chinese football team has completely played a joke “laugh fruit”.At the end of last year, under the strong appeal of Chinese fans, Li Tie was dismissed and replaced by Li Xiaopeng, who only scored one goal in the two games and did not score a point in the two games. When Li Tie led the team, he took at least one point from Oman and Australia, and only lost one goal to Japan. Moreover, he was able to defeat Vietnam.Now is how, everybody hates the coach to leave, everybody wants naturalized to start, the result is come up 16 minutes to lose two goals, this is not the Chinese fans to dig a big hole for themselves.When all the Chinese fans support naturalized players, only to find that these people are not reliable, Alan and Luo Guofu half like sleepwalking.Physical strength is not good, ability also hit the discount suddenly, this holiday rest state all have no.But in such a state, Li Xiaopeng complied with the public opinion and ranked them in the first.There are a lot of jokes in the game bit by bit, such as the defender of the National football team facing the other side to the ball is not blocked but avoided, this is afraid of death?The chairman of the Chinese Football Association from Japan to Vietnam all the way to supervise the war, the original want to welcome a victory in Vietnam, to find a good reputation for themselves, now after losing their own also take, full of ridiculous.And Vietnam football Association leaders, the first time after the game to hand out red envelopes.The baggage of the national football team has three tons. I can’t imagine what they took. It seems that every news about the National football team has jokes to dig and has the potential of refining into sketches.”Shooting dead” Yan Junling, no matter how unfavorable public opinion, can not bring it down, always firmly occupied the main goalkeeper, the opponent of the field four shots, he put three balls, there are two games, we continue to wait to see jokes.Vietnam gave China a lesson, the first goal is a header, the second is about tactical cooperation, the third goal is an individual break through five double team, powerful long-range shot.Chinese defenders have studied and watched these advanced plays up close.In addition, as China’s football coach, must master a skill is to apologize, just a few days, Li Xiaopeng has apologized twice.The Chinese team in the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival to people, at the same time, also sent out so many jokes to the people, thank the men’s football team all the efforts!