There is a lake in Henan province, the largest water storage area of 239 square kilometers, known as “artificial dongting”

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Speaking of Henan, no one is unfamiliar with it. It is the hinterland of the Central Plains of China. Although the land is flat, if divided according to the north and south, it still belongs to the north.But in recent years, with the development of science and technology, people have paid more attention to the environment, so even the northern regions, which lack water, have their own lakes.It has a maximum water storage area of 239 square kilometers. It is known as “artificial Dongting”. Some friends may have guessed that this lake is Suya Lake.Although suya Lake is not as famous as Thousand Island Lake, it is the largest artificial plain reservoir in Asia, with a total volume of water equivalent to two Thousand Island Lakes.Suya Lake is located 2 kilometers east of Luodian Town, Runan County, Zhumadian City. It was first built in 1958. Before that, there was no river here.Perhaps many friends do not know that although the land here is wide and sparsely populated, the low-lying terrain often leads to floods and floods, causing local residents to flee for food and scatter their families, resulting in the disappearance of the village.To solve the problem once and for all, a massive investment was made to build a 35.29km long, 58m high dam, which not only withstood the flood upstream, but also gradually created a man-made reservoir.In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the water area, the surrounding natural environment has gradually improved, especially the numerous fish in the water, attracted a large number of birds to settle down here, not only that, the lake water in Suya Lake is often led out of irrigation crops, to solve the problem of local people rely on the weather to eat.It has to be said that artificial reservoirs like Suya Lake not only solve the fundamental problems of the people, but also create more ways for local people to become rich.I hope that in the near future, Suya Lake can also become a famous tourist resort like Qiandao Lake.Ladies and gentlemen, do you have any other views on Suya Lake?Welcome to reply in the comment area!Huludao is one of a handful of scenic spots that have become popular. Shanghai Disneyland has finally compromised and allowed visitors to bring their own food into the resort, but the quality of the tourists is still a concern