What’s the story of the 28-year-old who hosted the gala for the first time?

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Ma Fanshu, the new host of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala on New Year’s Eve, caught the attention of the audience, instantly trending on Weibo.Ma Fanshu first performed on the Spring Festival Gala in her freshman year, singing the opening song as a member of the communication University chorus, ccTV.com reported.In an interview, Nig Maitti, another host of the gala, revealed that ma fanshu was almost hung up on the phone when the gala’s director called him this year, mistaken for a food delivery man.Some people may not know her very well, but those who often watch THE CCTV sports channel are no strangers to her.On November 24, 2014, CCTV’s World Football ushered in its first female host — Ma Fanshu.Ma Fanshu for this gold medal column added a fresh bright color, is also known to many fans.Ma Fanshu was not a football fan before hosting The show.Back then, the World Cup was more of a quadrennial national carnival for her, a cultural symbol more than the game itself.At the beginning of hosting the world Football, Ma Fanshu was still a student in school. She felt that her hosting ability and cognition of football at that time still needed to be polished, but she had already stood in front of the camera.Especially is such a public praise column, she does not have a template to learn, pressure can be imagined.Faced with the choice of graduation, she felt that she and this job has been hard to give up the feelings, so she chose to stick to it.The world of soccer seems to be dominated by male voices. Ma Fanshu feels that people are more and more tolerant of the presence of female students in the field of soccer. The perspective and voice of female students bring richer elements and more diversified expressions to soccer.’Girls are indispensable and have so much untapped potential in the world of soccer,’ she said. ‘It’s important to find your place in it.’Lean on their efforts, Ma Fan Shu just squeezed out a space in this man’s world.Especially in 2015, the 15th anniversary of World Football, “I never thought that the anniversary review would be a time node, I would join in as the last time node, I was very moved at that time.”She left The show a month later.At the beginning of 2018, Ma Fanshu appeared in CCTV’s “Let’s Talk About the Olympics”. She was already a little famous, but her appearance in the program still caused great controversy, and Ma Fanshu regarded it as a breakthrough for herself.”I had already decided that I was going to forget what I was doing and go into the show as a fresh start.Start learning again, learn skills and learn things that you’re not good at.”During the gap period, Ma Fanshu lived a different life, which was in her familiar comfort zone. “During that time, I actually thought a lot. I thought about studying abroad, or even changing industries or going back to campus.”At the beginning of 2018, Ma participated in a CCTV commentator audition program.She eventually returned to CCTV, with the opportunity of the 2018 World Cup, Ma Fanshu appeared in the Party, as the female host.In recent years, Ma Fanshu has appeared on CCTV Movie Channel, CCTV frequency and other platforms, and often formed “CCTV Girls” with Wang Bingbing and other actresses, becoming the “traffic password”.Appearing on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala at the age of 28, she has a promising future.Source: Overseas insight