When the Whampoa Military Academy was founded, there was another president. Why did Sun Yat-sen finally choose Chiang Kai-shek

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On June 16, 1922, Chen Jiongming launched a rebellion and shelled the presidential palace. In desperation, Sun Yat-sen had to rush to the Dongdi wharf, boarded the ship Baobi, and then turned to the ship Yongfeng, ready to mobilize forces on the sea to carry out the rebellion.In fact, as early as the end of March, when the Northern Logging army suffered a setback in Hunan, Chiang Kai-shek had already seen through Chen’s ambition. He had asked Sun Yat-sen to take decisive measures to remove Chen Jiongming from the position of commander in chief of the Guangdong Army.But Sun yat-sen was so convinced of Chen that he denounced Chiang kai-shek for his paranoia, suspicion and recklessness.On April 23, Chiang angrily resigned and returned to Guangzhou, where he was diverted to Shanghai that night.On June 18, Chiang Kai-shek, who was arranging a new home for Chen Jieru in Shanghai, suddenly received a telegram from Sun Yat-sen, the contents of the telegram as he had expected, Chen Jieming launched a rebellion, Sun Yat-sen, floating in the sea, ready to launch a counterattack.Chiang kai-shek received the telegram after the anger, immediately said that he would return to Guangzhou.Chiang, who arrived at the mouth of the Pearl River on June 29, did not disembark. Instead, he hired a motorboat and sailed directly to the Yongfeng gunboats where Sun Yat-sen was stationed.When Chiang kai-shek arrived at the Yong Feng, Sun Yat-sen was too excited to speak, and then sun Yat-sen gave Chiang full command of the war at sea.But with heavy gunfire and no help from shore, Chiang kai-shek, Sun Yat-sen and others ended up drifting at sea for nearly fifty days without food.It was not until August 9, through the Arrangement of the British consul General, that the British warship came to escort Sun Yat-sen, Chiang Kai-shek and others ready to leave for Hong Kong.On August 10, Chiang boarded the Empress of Russia and returned to Shanghai.When Chiang kai-shek returned to Shanghai from Guangzhou, the weather became cooler, but his mood became worse and worse.Because of Chen Jieming mutiny hard to let go, he and Chen Jie such as taking four guards to live in the new house, angry every day.Once, he was so angry that he wrote a letter to Wang Ching-wei and Hu Han-min, giving them 10 days to launch a counterattack and drive Chen Jiong-ming out of Guangzhou.But sun Yat-sen could not drive away Chen Jiongming, wang Jingwei and Hu Hanmin how to do?The delay in their “inaction” angered Chiang Kai-shek to death and made him even angrier.Chen Jie such as cohabitation with him have not seen such a scene, a fear of his bad body, two are also a little afraid, so find older than their own king and to discuss.Eventually, the anguish in the heart that solves to let Jiang Jieshi, if Chen Jie finds his classmate — the concubine of Zhang Jingjiang of elder brother of Jiang Jieshi alliance — Zhang Yimin.Zhang Yimin said: “Jingjiang they are setting up hengtai company specializing in trading stocks, you also share.””Does it cost a lot of money?” Chen asked.”Not many.It’s just a trick to get people’s money.”Therefore, through Zhang Jingjiang’s relationship, Chen Jieru persuaded Chiang Kai-shek to recognize four shares in the company, and then in the name of “Jiang Wei Ji” to buy short.Chiang kai-shek, who watched the stock market like a hawk every day, buying and selling, tossing and turning, money pouring into his pocket like water.During Chiang’s time in the stock market, Sun Yat-sen continued to think about counterinsurgency strategies.In October, he changed the name of the Northern Lumberjack army that had retreated to Fujian to denounce the thief Army, appointed Xu Chongzhi as commander-in-chief of the East Road and Chiang Kai-shek as chief of staff, and prepared to go to crusade against Chen Jiongming.On The 22nd, Chiang kai-shek left the stock market affairs behind and rushed to Fujian.However, in the east road, Chiang Kai-shek worked so hard that he was ostracised by the Guangdong army faction. He endured for a month and was angry for a month. Finally, he could not go on.On November 24, he returned to Shanghai in anger.In December, Sun Yat-sen contacted Yang Ximin of the Dian army and Liu Zhenhuan of the GUI Army to form an army to defeat the thieves on the West Road.On the 18th, under the persuasion of Sun Yat-sen, Chiang Kai-shek returned to The headquarters of the Thieves army in Fuzhou.Chiang kai-shek returned to the Guangdong Army this time, having accepted the lesson of “more mistakes, less work, less mistakes, not good”, he was not quite director, and completely ignored the Guangdong army.On January 1, 1923, Chiang Kai-shek took Chen Jie ru to leave the general headquarters, to Gulangyu Yongquan Temple, and Chen Jie Ru simply live in the temple, do not ask military, only tourism.Chiang kai-shek and his wife in yongquan Temple to see a few days of fish splashing in the pool, playing to the end of the army.But on January 7, he left the thief army headquarters, with Chen Jie such as, again came to Gulangyu, continue to tour around.Once in Shuiyun Ting, Chiang Kai-shek told his bodyguard Wang Shihe and others, “If I can build three small rooms behind the shuiyun Ting and live in seclusion, that would be my greatest wish.”But Chen Jieru asked him: “The thief army is fighting with the traitor Chen Jiaming, but you want to live in seclusion, why?”Chiang did not answer this question.In the past, he ordered wang Jingwei and Hu Hanmin, who were his level and even high in the party, to launch a counter-attack against Chen Jiongming every day. Now they began to counter-attack. How could he want to live in seclusion in this shuiyun ting?The entourage was puzzled, but did not dare to ask.Chiang kai-shek spent seven days on Gulangyu and returned to Fuzhou on January 15.At this time, the west road bandits army has captured Guangzhou, Chen Jiangming with the remnants of the fled back to huizhou lair.The east road bandits also rushed into Guangdong, and Chiang Kai-shek returned to Shanghai.When Chiang kai-shek returned to Shanghai from Fuzhou, Sun Yat-sen was meeting with Yuefei, the Soviet ambassador to China, who had come to Shanghai specially.After many talks, they further discussed the problems of reorganizing the Kuomintang and establishing a revolutionary army, as well as the assistance of the Soviet Union and the Comintern to the Chinese revolution and the fight against imperialism.On January 26, Sun Yat-sen and Yue Fei jointly issued the famous “Sun Wen Yue Fei Declaration”, which marked the final establishment of Sun Yat-sen’s united Russian policy after relying on various domestic warlords to rebel against the northern government repeatedly failed.Sun Yat-sen and the Soviet Union envoy flying Chiang Kai-shek do not want to fight with the east road bandits army to Guangdong, back to Shanghai and nothing to do.On January 20, he went to Sun Yat-sen’s residence and asked Him to write a couplet of several couplets he had written in Gulangyu. Then he took them back to xikou, his hometown, and stayed idle.In February, Sun Yat-sen returned to Guangzhou from Shanghai. On March 1, he announced the establishment of the Grand Marshal’s Palace and was elected grand Marshal of the Navy and army.This was the third time that Sun Yat-sen had established political power in Guangzhou. On his way back to Guangzhou, he sent an urgent telegram to Chiang Kai-shek on February 18, telling him to appoint him as chief of staff of the camp of the Grand Marshal’s palace and urging him to “please come as soon as possible without delay”.On The 27th sun Yat-sen sent an urgent telegram to Chiang Kai-shek: “Chiang kai-shek’s elder brother: Please come here as soon as possible for all important purposes.”Sun Yat-sen was anxious to invite Chiang kai-shek back to Guangzhou, because the reorganization of the Kuomintang had to continue and military personnel were needed more.However, Chiang kai-shek did not immediately go to Guangzhou after receiving two urgent messages from Sun Yat-sen. It was not until April 20 that he arrived in Guangzhou with Chen Jiegru and others and assumed the post of military adviser.In Guangzhou, Chiang occupied three suites at the Asia Hotel, one for lodging, one for reception, and one for guards.After that, he took Madame Such as in the escort around meeting celebrities, as a result, in eating and drinking, he finally found common ground with The Guangdong Army general Xu Chongzhi, the relationship between the two people heated up rapidly, unexpectedly miraculously repaired, and also formed an alliance of brothers.At this time, Sun Yat-sen’s policy of alliance with Russia was greatly implemented. On August 5, Chiang Kai-shek, under sun Yat-sen’s order, led sun Yat-sen’s Soviet-Russian delegation to the Soviet Union to investigate military, political and party affairs.The so-called investigation team, in fact, only four official members, Chiang Kai-shek, Shen Dingyi, Wang Dengyun and Zhang Tai Lei, Chiang Kai-shek when the head.He had asked Chen Jieru to accompany him, saying, “I can’t go abroad without my wife.”However, Chen Jieru, only 17 years old, said: “There is nothing good about foreign countries.In the end, I don’t want to go abroad.Chiang and his men explored the Soviet Union for several months and did not return home until December.At that time, Sun Yat-sen decided to build the Huangpu Military Academy with the help of the Soviet Union and the Communist Party of China, and set up his own army.He was initially prepared by Xu Chongzhi, who was also the principal of the military academy, and was responsible for the preparation.And Xu Chongzhi is not interested in running the school, the matter to the command colonel staff Chen Hanyu to do.Chen Hanyu is the kuomintang big man Chen Shuren’s nephew, young and full of energy, by the uncle’s position, in the preparation of military academy arrogant selfish, doing things more unfair, cause dissatisfaction.On November 26, Sun Yat-sen presided over the tenth meeting of the Kuomintang Provisional Central Executive Council, and formally decided to promptly prepare for the establishment of the Kuomintang military Academy – Huangpu Military Academy, with Chiang Kai-shek as its president.On December 5, the 14th meeting of the Provisional Chinese Executive Council resolved that the secretariat sent a telegram to Shanghai asking Chiang Kai-shek, who had just returned to China, when he could return to Guangzhou to take up his post at the Military Academy.On January 16, 1924, Chiang Kai-shek and Chen Jieru came to Guangzhou from xikou home to prepare for the establishment of the Whampoa Military Academy.On January 24, Sun Yat-sen appointed him as chairman of the preparatory Committee of the military academy, and on March 21, Chiang Kai-shek was appointed chairman of the entrance test Committee of the military academy, and selected Huangpu Island near Guangzhou as the site of the school. In this way, the Huangpu Military Academy began to recruit students.After becoming president of the Whampoa Military Academy, Chiang kai-shek continued to serve as chief of staff of the Guangdong Army, as the Whampoa Military Academy was located on whampoa Island, where there was a cheung Chau fort, and then served as commander of cheung Chau Fort.His official became big, net worth is tall also, the person that thinks crucial oneself is much also, danger is big, then on the foundation of 4 guards before increased 7 guards personnel for oneself again.He brought out from his hometown wang Shihe was also arranged into a Whampoa, usually in addition to learning, also served as Chiang Kai-shek’s bodyguard group leader, it is said that he is a whampoa students in the only “take the post of learning”.At this point, Chiang Kai-shek stepped forward and had a bright future.