18 parks in Yunnan usher in significant development opportunities!

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To develop yunnan province key industry park (hereinafter referred to as the zone) in reform, opening up and cooperation, cluster and intensive, green low carbon, digital demonstration leading role of wisdom, the provincial government issued by the push key industrial park high quality development in yunnan province several policy measures “(hereinafter referred to as the” measures “), 29,The provincial Development and Reform Commission, the provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the provincial science and Technology Department, the provincial Department of Finance, the provincial Department of Natural Resources, the provincial Department of Commerce and other departments held press conferences to interpret the policy advantages for the public.What are the development objectives of policy interpretation?Will foster main business income is 500 billion yuan of above 2025 park 2 “policy measures put forward the development goals, namely, adhere to the clustering, low carbon, the direction of digitalization, high-end, will forge a province manufacturing industry and high-tech industry park and producer services cluster development platform, the entire province economic growth pole and high quality development area.By 2025, the gross value of industrial output, the added value of high-tech industry accounted for, tax and other major economic indicators improved significantly, at the end of the gross industrial output value accounted for in the whole province is “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in” increased by more than 10%, the main business revenue grew by an average of more than 16%, per acre revenues, project investment intensity to achieve the national average similar park,To cultivate and build 2 parks with operating revenue of more than 500 billion yuan and 5 parks with operating revenue of more than 200 billion yuan.Zhao Xiuchun, deputy director of Yunnan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said that “Policy measures” is a relatively comprehensive, systematic and high gold content set of policies for supporting the development of industrial parks in Yunnan Province, and will certainly inject strong impetus for the high-quality development of key industrial parks in Yunnan Province.At the same time, the introduction of “Policy measures” is mainly aimed at the fact that the development level of industrial parks in Yunnan province is different and the level is very different, so as to focus the limited resources on key points and form a demonstration.The policy measures will first be implemented in 18 key parks, including the upgraded national parks and industrial parks within the scope of new areas of the country.How to develop cluster low-carbon digital high-end?Zhao Xiuchun said that the policy measures put forward specific requirements for the development of the park’s clustering, low-carbon, digital and high-end development.For example, the digital transformation of enterprises in the park will be rewarded and subsidized, and the digital application level of manufacturing enterprises above the scale in the park will be greatly improved.Support the park’s all-green electricity supply, provide green electricity vouchers, and build a zero-carbon brand;In the case of “replacing birds with cages” and technological transformation of enterprises in the park without adding energy consumption index and construction land index, the examination and approval process shall be simplified and the notification commitment system shall be actively implemented on the premise that it conforms to national laws and regulations.In terms of building clustered high-end parks, each park will determine one or two leading industries, formulate the catalogue of industrial chain guidance, and clarify supporting policies such as talent, capital and land.Focus on cultivating specialized special new “little giant” and invisible champion enterprises.Within three years, each park should introduce more than five world top 500, National top 100 or industry leading enterprises.Each park establishes a “chain length system” around the leading industry and provides support in accordance with the “one enterprise, one policy” approach.To build a scientific research innovation park, encourage the introduction of famous schools and institutes to build industrial technology research institutes, can be directly recorded as a provincial new RESEARCH and development institutions “one case one discussion”.A one-time reward of 10 million yuan will be given to the newly identified state key laboratories;The newly identified National Engineering Research Center, technological Innovation Center, industrial Innovation Center and manufacturing Innovation Center will be given a one-time reward of 5 million yuan;Support of 300,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan will be given to newly identified provincial incubators and mass innovation Spaces.How to guarantee the park’s talent demand?The policy measures put forward specific requirements for talent training by selecting 100 senior executives and talents to exchange and train in the world’s top 500 enterprises every year.It is necessary to establish the talent demand information database of the park, cultivate and introduce a group of industrial leading talents and innovation teams with projects, and give policy support to projects with significant industrialization prospects.To support the optimization of discipline structure in yunnan’s universities and research institutes, and cultivate talents for the park.Every year, about 100 senior executives of high-growth enterprises and selected candidates of talent plan at provincial level or above are selected for exchange and training in well-known colleges and universities, fortune 500 enterprises and leading enterprises in the industry.The new provincial post-doctoral research workstation in the park will be subsidized 100,000 YUAN, and the new provincial master skill studio will be subsidized 100,000 yuan per year for 5 years.New provincial academician workstations and expert workstations will be awarded 600,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan each year within 3 years.What about fiscal and tax support and financing services?According to the Policy measures, key industrial projects and infrastructure projects in the park will be included in the key project database first, and they will be given priority to apply for national projects and financial support.Support local government special bonds to favor the park.Increase provincial financial support, increase land transfer and other income support.In terms of financing services, a capital pool for enterprises in the park to share financing risks is set up, and a mechanism for sharing credit risks in the park is established.Set up key industrial investment funds, support the park to set up equity investment funds, participate in the construction of industrial projects with good growth, and improve the due diligence exemption and error tolerance and correction mechanism.Financial support shall be given to enterprises in the park that are successfully listed or listed in the New Third Board and provincial Equity Exchange Center.We will guide all kinds of capital to invest in high-quality enterprises within the park, and strengthen cooperation with the park in innovation carrier construction, infrastructure development, equity financing, financial services and other aspects.What measures will be taken to improve the business environment?According to the principle of “no reservation if it is not necessary”, the whole chain approval list will be granted to the park, Zhao Xiuchun said.Promote “reduce links, reduce materials, reduce time limit, reduce costs”, create “15-minute convenient service circle for enterprises” and “24 hours open” service mode, implement the enterprise benefit policy of “no application, enjoy”.Dynamic management and “nanny” assistance services are implemented for the whole life cycle of projects in the park, such as attracting and landing, construction implementation, completion acceptance, production attainment and compliance supervision, and the policy of “no application, no enjoyment” is implemented to benefit enterprises.At the same time, it is necessary to establish an annual evaluation mechanism for parks, so that parks with good development and great contribution, which have risen significantly in the comprehensive ranking of similar parks nationwide, will be given preferential treatment in terms of funds, projects and energy consumption indexes, and will be promoted as demonstration parks.Dynamic adjustment will be carried out on the importation of superior products and the importation of inferior products, and the list of key parks whose evaluation results have been unqualified for two consecutive years will be called out.Department of Natural Resources of Yunnan Province: Give priority to land use for key industrial park projects In the park The Department of Natural Resources of Yunnan Province gives priority to land use guarantee.Zhao Qiaogi, deputy director of the provincial Department of Natural Resources, said land security is an important factor in boosting high-quality development of the park.Land planning indicators are prefered to parks with high investment intensity and high per mu output, and priority is given to securing land for key industrial parks.At the same time, after the issuance of the National Standards for Land Expropriation and Development, Yunnan province was the first to formulate implementation rules and guidelines for the compilation of development plans to ensure the construction of land development plans in the park.More than 100 town development proposals were received in December 2021 alone.In terms of improving the efficiency of land examination and approval, the Provincial Department of Natural Resources will promote the reform of the examination and approval system. The time for provincial examination after receiving land application has been reduced from the original 20 working days to the current 13 working days.Zhao Xiaojing, deputy director of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Finance, said the provincial department of Finance will use fiscal and tax policies and market-oriented means to promote the agglomeration of competitive industries, high-quality resources and key elements to the park.Implement incentives to the lower system.2021-2025 to 2020 as the base year, except continue to VAT where all down to the provincial public finance sharing of enterprise income tax, individual income tax, cultivated land usage tax four urban maintenance and construction tax and cigarette tax increment of all the benefits to the state (city), county (city, area), it is the right place for the biggest benefit of the system.We increased support for special government funds.Provincial related special funds, such as provincial capital construction investment, provincial high-quality development funds for manufacturing industry, and provincial science and technology project funds, are inclined to key industrial park infrastructure, enterprise digital transformation, innovation platform construction, skill introduction and various major projects.Zhang Jihong, the second-level inspector of yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department, has brought three “supports” to scientific and technological innovation, namely support for increasing r&d investment, support for introducing innovation institutions, support for the creation of national and provincial innovation platforms.The province will guide and support enterprises in the park to invest in the research and development of new technologies and products, develop high-tech industries and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.Provincial science and technology department will take the way of subsidies to support enterprises to invest in increasing research and development.By 2025, the average annual growth rate of r&d investment in the park will be no less than 18%.At the same time, the provincial science and Technology Department will give financial support to the innovation subjects included in the new RESEARCH and development institutions cultivation database according to the investment situation, help the park layout of scientific and technological innovation resources, improve the innovation ability to support and lead industrial development.Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology:”Five” for the industrial development as insurance commissioner of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of yunnan province hall park Wei Dong said that in 2022, the province’s hall will explore a manufacturing high level expert advisory committee, the implementation of good industrial development planning, a manufacturing, new energy battery, biological products, such as industrial policy, strive for national policy of differentiation,Promote the transformation of Yunnan’s natural geographical advantages to economic geographical advantages.At the same time, the formation of a powerful province of advanced manufacturing industry leading group, set out a policy, to create a series of industry chain, formed a set of mechanisms, establish working system of the “five one” (an industrial chain, a provincial leaders, a group of experts, a special class, a work plan), help get the leading industry, optimize the layout, study project ground problems one by one to solve.In addition, the provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology will carry out park planning promotion, standardization cultivation, mechanism innovation and other special actions, and strive to complete the optimization of the industrial park before the end of March this year.Wei Dong revealed that the central yunnan region will choose about 10 parks to pilot standardized park construction.Provincial Department of Commerce:Guiding zone determine the dominant industry in yunnan province business hall, party member, deputy director-general of the China (yunnan) free trade area work leading group office vice director zhang hong told reporters that the province the first batch of key industrial park in 18, by the open area, cross-border economic cooperation zone, border economic cooperation zones, comprehensive bonded zones 4 types of 10 parks, collectively known as the open park.Over the years, the park has played a positive role in reform and innovation, expanding opening-up, promoting industrial agglomeration and driving regional development.In 2021, the five national economic and development zones in The province will realize the main business income of 645.1 billion yuan, the regional GDP of 174.5 billion yuan, and the import and export of 63.9 billion yuan, up 11%, 9.7% and 17% respectively over the previous year, all higher than the growth rate of similar indicators in the province.Four districts improved in the national assessment, including one that advanced 16 places.At the same time, in 2021, the province’s border (cross-border) economic cooperation zones achieved a GDP of 12.6 billion yuan, and foreign trade import and export (including ports) of 54.78 billion yuan, gradually returning to the pre-epidemic level.The economic aggregate of hekou border cooperation area ranks the second place among the 17 border cooperation areas in China and the first place in western China.In 2021, the import and export volume of Yunnan Comprehensive Security Zones reached 22.33 billion yuan, up 25.9 percent.Of this amount, the import and export of Kunming Comprehensive Bonded Zone reached 7.73 billion yuan, up 591.1%.In 2020, honghe and Kunming comprehensive Bonded zones will be upgraded from Class C to Class B in the national comprehensive evaluation.Honghe Comprehensive Protection Zone has become the key zone in the province to develop bonded processing business.All types of cross-border e-commerce have been implemented in Kunming Comprehensive insurance Zone, and the growth rate of cross-border e-commerce ranks among the top in China comprehensive insurance zone.In order to improve the contribution of the open economy of various kinds of park in yunnan province, zhang hong, said the provincial department of commerce will guide each park to determine one or two dominant industry, to strengthen the open economy, to develop industrial guidance catalogue, establish long industrial chain system, investment focus direction and key enterprises, to support each park which chain chain strong chain.At the same time, we will formulate supportive policies and pay close attention to key projects, strengthen the publicity and application of preferential policies such as “duty-free import of equipment, bonded import of goods, tax refund for domestic goods entering the zone, VAT exemption for goods trading within the zone”, develop new trade and new business forms, and improve the development quality of the zone.List of the first batch of Key Industrial Parks (1) Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone (2) Songming Yanglin Economic and Technological Development Zone (3) Kunming High-tech Industry Development Zone (4) Kunming Comprehensive Free Trade Zone (5) Kunming Dianchi National Tourist Resort (6) Qujing Economic and Technological Development Zone (7) Yuxi High-tech Industry Development Zone (8, chuxiong, nine high and new technology industrial development zone, mengzi economic and technological development zone, red river comprehensive free trade zone 11, 10 estuary border economic cooperation zones, twelve mong-la (boten) open key development experimental zone 13, China, Laos boten – butyl grinding economic cooperation zones, Dali economic and technological development zone, 14 15, lincang border economic cooperation zonesRuili Key Development and Opening Pilot Zone xVII. Anning Industrial Park XVIII. Kunming Airport Economic Zone (photo by Kaiping news reporter Min Nan) article source: LeJu Buying house