Back by ten cigarette factory worth tens of billions, tobacco circle mysterious female rich was checked, planted!

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Article | Chinese military strategy Cocoa she is “the most mysterious woman who” in China, it is worth nearly 50 billion, low-key, never to be interviewed.She is worthy of the name “fragrance queen”, when she was in her early twenties, she went into the sea as a boss, starting a company in Beijing to do fragrance and spice trade.She is good at capital operation, nicknamed “pumping queen” by shareholders, and currently holds two listed companies.She is zhu Linyao, the real controller of Warburg Shares and Warburg International.Recently, the woman who controls two listed companies has had a big accident.On January 24, Chu Lin Yao was suddenly placed under investigation, shocking the entire tobacco market.That day, Warburg International plunged 66 per cent and its shares fell by their daily limit on the A-share market, wiping more than rmb30bn off the market value of zhu’s two listed companies.The mysterious female rich was involved in the tobacco storm, worth tens of billions of zhu Lin Yao in the tobacco circle to do what?As a fledgling boss, Zhu Linyao began to target more monopoly, more profitable tobacco flavor, but Zhu Linyao has no connections and no experience, in the tobacco flavor industry has not improved.It wasn’t until Chu met her husband, Lin Guo-wen, who was already a powerful figure in the flavor and fragrance industry.Zhu Linyao’s business acumen plus Lin Guowen’s contacts, two strong joint business is doing more and more.After founding Warburg Flavors, Chu went on to set up other companies in Hong Kong and overseas.In 2006, Warburg International was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.Chu’s tobacco business is booming, and Warburg international’s cooperation with major tobacco enterprises is deepening.Its customers include China Tobacco Yunnan, Hunan and Zhejiang, and brands like Honghe, Double Happiness, Star and Peacock are all warburg flavored.In 2008, chu, 38, made Forbes’ list of the world’s richest women, a billion-dollar woman.In less than 10 years, Chu has turned Warburg International into a giant in the flavor industry.Next, she spun off a stake in Warburg from Warburg International.In March 2018, Warburg listed in the A-share IPO, and Chu became the head of the two listed companies.The former’s main business includes flavors, condiments, flavoring materials and tobacco flakes, while the latter focuses on flavors used in tobacco.At this time, Zhu Linyao had already become an old hand at cutting leeks. In the face of unsatisfactory performance and slow fundraising projects, she always had her own way of capital operation.When stocks rise, they sell. When stocks fall, they suck.At the low level, the company rationalized the shareholders’ stocks by inviting them for privatization. In this way, Zhu Lin Yao’s shares did not decrease, but also brought her great benefits. The technique of “high selling and low buying” can be called a masterpiece.In 2018, Warburg shares paid A dividend of 2.463 billion yuan in one go, while Zhu Linyao successfully cashed out 2.79 billion yuan with A large stake in her hand, setting A record for a-share dividends that year.Since its listing, Warburg shares have been paying out a fairly high proportion of dividends. In 2020, the cumulative dividends of Chu Lin Yao have reached 3.78 billion yuan, with a large amount of money going into the pocket of the controlling owner Chu Lin Yao.Many netizen because of such big pen “clear storehouse type share out bonus” invest in one after another, little imagine this is the capital means of somebody else.Now Warburg’s shares are still falling, and shareholders have become leeks.Zhu Lin Yao earned the title of “pumping queen” because of her “liquefying dividend” and “selling high and buying low” operations in the stock market.With the investigation, the low-key Chu Lin Yao and her Warburg became the focus of attention, caught in the tobacco storm Chu Lin Yao, what will be the outcome?Welcome to pay attention, know the man of the moment, read the legend of military strategy.Copyright, all rights reserved.Some pictures from the network if involved in infringement, please contact to delete