Black horse god made “the bodyguard of the school flower”, the most unexpected fragment, into the pit is king!

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Chapter 3 This enemy is mortal!”Ha ha, I say!”Mulling tian waved to Xiangdong liu and sat him down in confusion before saying, “Dongliu, your father lived like a vegetative man unable to take care of himself because he was poisoned by a kind of domineering and rare poison. Even if the hospital could not check it out.””Ha ha, BUT FOR this matter I invited people to study abroad for eight years, until recently to research the cure.As for protecting Xiaoqian, this is also my request to you!”‘The master is very ill!”I owe it to my family to protect murong’s descendants!””Why, are you getting more and more confused?Xiang Liu couldn’t help but interject.Thinking, did my dad just wake up today?To say something like that for no reason…It’s kind of like working for someone.”So you’re stupid!”Mu Lingqian rolled her eyes for this, “my daddy said that your father became vegetative because of poisoning, don’t understand?Is it from Mars?””You…””Me what me?Never seen such a brilliant beauty?”Mu Ling Qian xi xi jiao smile, white tender red beauty qiao face reflected two charming dimples.”……”The eastbound stream was soon choked.It doesn’t make sense to say that Mu lingqian is not a beauty.But if she is, dongliu has not seen her so narcissistic, so have nothing to say.”Xiaoqian!”You’ve got to change your temper!””Oh, Daddy!What they say is true!In all, I transferred to twelve schools, where the best academic performance of the school flower.Only number one, no number two!”Mu Lingqian shook Mu Lingtian’s arm, coquetry ceaselessly.”Well, well!My qian is smart and beautiful. Is that all right?”Mulling tian gave a wry smile, and then Mulling Qian rushed to dongliu and made a face, leaving him speechless again.Still, going east is no fool.Since Mulling tian said that his father had become a vegetable because of a violent poison, this also shows that his father was not drunk eight years ago, but was poisoned.Even the $10 million gambling debt may have been set up.With a frown on his face, Xiang Thanked Mu Lingtian very solemnly and seriously and asked politely, “Do you know who poisoned my father?””This……”Mulling looked at his father and shook his head. “I don’t know.””Don’t want to?””How come?I want to find your father’s killer, too!Because the reputation of my Murong family is at stake!”Muring sighed, “It’s a pity that eight years have passed without any clues at all!But if I could find your mother…There may be some truth to it.”‘Don’t talk to me about that woman!Xiangdongliu face livid ground jumped up, gnash teeth of hair ruthless way: “even if there is no her, I also absolutely want to find out who is poisoning my old father!When the time comes, even if the king Lao Tzu, I will let him pay ten times a hundred times even thousand times the price!This enemy is mortal!”Xiangdong liu could not forget the hard life he had lived in the past eight years.This was the darkest day he had ever felt. He would never forget it.For eight years he had no money, no friends, no mother at home, no relatives to help him…My father, though at home, was speechless, immobile, and in need of his care.If his father did fall like this because he was drunk, he could only blame his mother.She left him and his son very cruelly, and never heard from him again.In xiangdong liu’s opinion, the woman should be afraid of her father’s gambling debts, so it mercilessly abandoned her husband and son, right?Now, of course, aside from his mother, Xiangdong feels that the man who poisoned his father was the culprit for his eight years of darkness.Because of that person, his original hehemeimei family fragmented, the original happy childhood gone…All that was left was a hard time teetering on the edge of despair.”The east!Don’t talk to the master of the house with such hatred!””To the father very displeased way,” simply no big no small!””Ha ha, never mind!”Mulling tian waved his hand and smiled helplessly. “We all have love, hate, and hatred. I can understand Dongliu’s feelings.And the more he hates the man who poisoned you, the more I trust him to protect Xiaoqian, so that he won’t let her suffer the loss of others.””Daddy, he looked so fierce!I don’t want his protection!”Mu Ling Qian some fear ground took aim to the east flow one eye way.”Small qian!Want to listen!Have you forgotten what you promised Daddy at home?”‘No, no!Mu Lingqian slightly lower the head, can’t help but touch the red crescent jade pendant on pink jade neck, then a very beautiful lovely pretty face suddenly flash a few minutes light sadness.”Ha ha, no good!”Mulling nodded his head and turned to Dongliu. “Dongliu, JUST now I told you that I want you to protect Xiaoqian. This is my request to you, but it’s not in exchange for paying off your father’s debts and saving his father.”I…”Flow to the east slightly slant a head, looked mu Ling Qian that beautiful get suffocating beautiful appearance, a pair of moving beautiful eye seems to be able to talk same, even if she gently blink, can let a person cannot help but guess her mood is happy is sorrow.I have to admit, this is a very, very beautiful girl.But also clear to the east, this future school trouble I am afraid many ah, it seems that they do not have the ability to protect her.To wen Wen not, to wu also double fist difficult enemy four hands, east flow is very weak heart.However, xiangdong was reluctant, but he couldn’t shake his head and say no, considering mullingtian helped his father pay off 10 million yuan of debt eight years ago and saved his father’s life today.After all, it was a request, not a quid pro quo.It would be really ungrateful not to say yes.As the thought gradually flashed through his mind, Eastwards finally nodded. “I’ll do my best.”(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Boys’ fiction Research Institute, xiaobian continue to recommend wonderful novels for you!