Coat brother fans door-to-door to send the banner, three lines of characters in the fog, the villagers said zhu family did not dare to open the door

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Despite his controversies in recent years, there is no disputing that Brother Overcoat has become more famous and popular in rural areas.This short time, the Chinese New Year is lively and zhujiajian door and has become a famous floor village zhu “tourist attraction”, it is said that when the person annoys, whole streets are crowded, but in front of the fans flock, coat instead, elder brother a also enthusiastically to take picture with people, it is no wonder that some netizens sigh, grass-roots origin of ygdd fame is more and more high,It is not because of how good he sings, but this simple and honest touch countless people, especially compared with other stars in the entertainment industry, who could be more down-to-earth than him?Of course, He doesn’t take his fans for granted, either, and avoids those who make outrageous demands or behave in bizarre ways.This is not, recently there is zhu Lou village villagers broke the news, a middle-aged man claiming to be a fan of the elder brother coat, standing outside zhu’s gate to pull up the banner, at the beginning, we also puzzled, zhu Zhiwen and do what good?But when he saw the three lines of characters on the men’s pennant, the crowd at the scene was more confused, completely do not understand what he wanted to express?The man, named Shi Xinhai, compared himself to the “Great Saint of Qi Heaven” and the “Oriental Saint.” His name is also on the list, and he has been compared to the “Great Saint of All Heaven.” Netizens couldn’t help but joke: “Sun Wukong dare not boast so much about himself.”What is more interesting is that the time embroidered on the flag is actually 1969, which is the year zhu Zhiwen was born.And the villagers also broke the news, the scene crowd looked confused, the Zhu family is not to know the real purpose of the man, simply closed the door, do not want to talk to him, really do not know the coat brother see these three lines of words is what kind of mood?Although the Zhu family is known for being warm and honest, that doesn’t mean he is stupid. If the words on the flag are to praise him, then brother Overcoat would invite him into his home anyway, but such difficult content, obviously has another purpose.Can look at the man’s appearance and dress up, and not like a certain net red to rub zhu’s heat, and the other party since arrived at zhu’s door, no matter what others ask him, is a word also do not say.Some netizens analyzed that this fan may have been stimulated by something. Although he admires Zhu Zhiwen and wants to praise him in this way, excessive praise has been disliked by zhu’s family. In order not to cause more public opinion, he closed the door and pretended to be nobody at home.In fact, Zhu encountered wonderful fans is not only this one, before this, some people become angry kick the door, someone pull banner confession, and even some people in order to see the coat brother side, over the wall into the Zhu courtyard, was finally driven out of the coat sister-in-law, such as everywhere.Obviously, there is nothing wrong with admiring a star, but you should also know how to do it. If your behavior has caused trouble in people’s life, it is too wrong. I hope that the eldest brother can examine his behavior and don’t do this kind of thing that makes people look at jokes.The elder brother of coat itself is controversial ceaseless, come up again so one, this is not to give somebody else add obstruction?What do Internet users think of this?Feel free to leave a comment below!