Elective assignments, which students don’t want to fool around with, lead to more than romance

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“The final exam is very heavy, I wanted to fool around with this assignment…But yesterday, I was really touched and calmed down after listening to the playlist, which records the development of Western music.”In an elective course on the history of Western music, the teacher asked the students to “make” a song list of their own from the works they had appreciated in class.The net friend with falling “moonlight” as the theme, select the girl of blonde hair “moonlight sonata” and other works, share the tune to bring their subjective feelings, and carefully wrote in homework postscript: in my opinion, select a few from the 91 outstanding works, this is a hand to catch the scattered moonlight process.”I want to take this romantic class, too.” “It’s a thoughtful assignment. It’s a gift.”Many netizens say that this is what college elective courses should look like.Different from specialized courses that seek to refine and refine, electives are mainly general education courses designed to broaden students’ horizons and satisfy the curiosity of non-professionals.They are not meant to be one-semester crash courses for musicians, architects and philosophers, but rather guided Tours that train students to feel the tentacles of the field.Therefore, the focus of teaching should be on how to arouse students’ enthusiasm for learning and continuous interest rather than “technical” knowledge indoctrination.However, in reality, there are not many courses that can truly achieve the above educational goals, and many elective courses have been reduced to “useless courses with mixed credits”.Some college students often ridicule: optional course teachers often just read the old courseware.At the end of the semester, a student who was interested in writing fiction might have nothing left in his head but a pile of boring jargon.Students who want to explore the rise and fall of history may end up with a rote memory of what happened in what year.Under the circumstance that elective courses are not taken seriously, a strange situation has even developed between teachers and students that “each takes what he needs” : In order to make the selection rate “good”, teachers do not polish courses carefully, but create “reputation” by means of less homework, higher marks, and examination banks at the end of the term.To this tacit understanding of the students, holding the mentality of “water water” perfunctory participation.This kind of confusing situation seems to be a “win-win situation”, but actually goes against the original meaning of college education, and is a waste of precious time and teaching resources.In fact, college courses should be full of possibilities.As long as we design the course carefully, students will also be affected by the sincerity and enthusiasm, and embark on a wonderful spiritual journey together.In the stage writing class of Nanjing University, the teacher will ask students to pay attention to the interesting dialogues happening around them and adapt them into scripts based on their own understanding.In Tianjin University’s Happiness Class, teachers will help students find their own “happiness password” by supporting actions such as mindfulness exercises, gratitude diaries and social surveys.It can be seen that these “interesting” courses do not fall into the formal pattern of attending classes and examinations, nor are they “fun for fun’s sake”. Instead, in the process of sincere interaction and teaching, students’ interest naturally develops.After such a lesson, students will not only gain cold numbers lying on the report card, but may benefit from the interest of a lifetime, is to open up the rich spiritual garden of the other side.The university elective course should not be dispensable “water class”, the romantic university homework makes people yearn for, just because we see in it the sincerity and love, see the pure yearning for knowledge.(Originally titled “Students Don’t Want to Fool around with Elective Homework Not only Brings Romance” by Ren Guanqing, China Youth Daily)