February 11 fund operations, positions to rise

2022-05-09 0 By

The Shanghai composite index rose slightly, while more than 3,600 shares fell on both markets.By midday, the Shanghai index was up 0.34 per cent at 3,497.71;Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.31 percent to 13,391.00;The Chinext index fell 1.36 percent to 2,788.06 points.China Life jumped nearly 8 percent, with northbound inflows of nearly $1.2 billion.On the plate, the insurance plate is strong, tourism hotel, power battery, energy metals and other plates rose in the top.Traditional Chinese medicine, COVID-19 detection, CRO and other sectors performed poorly, leading the market down.The market style switch has come, this year is led by tourism, banking and insurance, led by photovoltaic, military, new energy and medical care.The previous two years of high boom track digestion valuation, has been playing face, and the unpopular three silly to regain the market favor.Medical treatment: The National Medical Insurance Administration said that the next step will be to normalize and institutionalize centralized procurement of drugs and high-value medical supplies.None of this is a problem in the updraft.The problem is that in the current downward trend, any hint of movement is a major negative.Good high stop surplus, but the current position also lost nearly 20%, this is how painful understanding.Since the style has begun to switch, it is more important to control the hand, all the high boom circuit temporarily do not add positions, waiting for the market to stabilize, the circuit is still the most worth holding.At present, still heavy warehouse stay in Hong Kong foundation and in the concept of interconnection, in the concept of this year’s rebound of nearly 5%, there are signs of gradual stabilization.Then temporarily do not adjust the position, such as the time to make money, is the track to rise again?