Hefei private dishes, braised pork 200 a, not acquaintances do not do, the boss claimed the country’s most delicious

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Mention of operation of these three words, that must be tall, and every dish with makings is very exquisite, even though the price is more expensive, but the finished dish is also very good, today to introduce is a private restaurant, the family a braise in soy sauce meat sold 200 yuan, and the amount is not very big, life will only be about more than 3 kg, ripe and even fewer.The boss of this private house dish house is not to do dish technically, he still can accept a few apprentice to teach others to do dish, the dish sort that he can meet so is more, but what do best among them is braised meat in brown sauce, a lot of customers are directed at this one dish and come, but he does not do easily.But sometimes friends decide, due to face he will do a.Sometimes, demand exceeds supply.The boss said that he here a single point of braised pork, if not an acquaintance he would not do, and he said that they do braised pork is the most delicious in the country, do not add a drop of water out of the taste will be very good.I’m gonna eat a piece of everything I don’t like and I’m not gonna eat enough of everything I like.No matter how good the taste is, it also needs good ingredients to play out. The ingredients used by the boss to cook braised pork in soy sauce are multifusiform three layers. After you buy it, you should wash it with face water, so that it will be clean, and then cut it into large pieces and put it aside for use.Poured oil into the pan, then put the meat in it, until the fats to force out the meat, put the boss secret sauce, the boss said he is a bowl of braise in soy sauce meat by secret sauce, do not need to add any spices, just put a little sugar before out of the pot, the taste is very good, and the colour is also particularly good-looking, fat melt in your mouth,Lean lean and not firewood, let a person eat a piece also want to the second piece.To be honest, the whole process of seeing the boss do braised pork in soy sauce is very simple, even housewives can do it well, but his secret soy sauce is not ordinary people can be transferred out, after all, is someone else’s specialty.And the boss also said that braised pork should not be used to burn, but need to burn slowly with a small fire, because he felt that the dishes stir-fried with a high fire are not delicious, with a warm fire to make the dishes, the taste is the best, because in the whole process of warm cooking can play the flavor of the food itself.To be honest, the boss said the reason may be correct, but each chef cooking technique is different, make the flavor of the food is not the same, and it is a private restaurant, with ingredients are the best, and he cook exquisite is authentic, highlight the flavor of food, in fact this is the highest state of the cooking,Only such dishes can be called private dishes.