Lanterns from Shanghai appear at the 2022 Taipei Lantern Festival

2022-05-09 0 By

This article was transferred from;According to Xinhua News Agency Taipei (reporter Xu Ruiqing, he Zili) the 2022 Taipei Lantern Festival opened on the evening of February 11, with “Shanghai children’s Paradise” as the theme of the Shanghai lantern show.The lights were dazzling, and citizens took photos with their mobile phones.According to Yao Jingyi, a member of the Shanghai Lantern Taipei cooperation team, the overall style of the lanterns Outlines the concept of fun, fun and interactive design with a sense of science and technology. The background of the lanterns Outlines the urban architecture of Shanghai with LED neon lights, and the changing colors represent the modern Shanghai city.The main body of the center is the castle shape of cartoon tiger, with robots and aircraft on both sides, welcome young visitors to come to interactive experience.Lele, the mascot of the Shanghai Tourism Festival, also came to Taipei with the lanterns to celebrate the festival with the public.Shanghai has participated in the Taipei Lantern Festival for seven consecutive years, demonstrating the friendship between Shanghai and Taipei.The 2022 Taipei Lantern Festival will last for 10 days until Monday, according to sources.