What are you most looking forward to in 2022

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From the perspective of the market, the development of new energy vehicles is in full swing, with sales surging by more than 220% year-on-year in January 2022.From a policy point of view, Beijing further reduce fuel index issuance, the south for new energy vehicles is the implementation of the “license exemption” policy.There will be more new energy vehicles flooding into the market in 2022. Are there any new energy vehicles you are interested in?Nextev ET7 is a medium and large pure electric car owned by Nextev, which is also the flagship car of Nextev.The new car will be officially launched in January 2022, and deliveries will begin in March.Nio ET7 adopts niO’s family design, and its simple front end is very futuristic.The LENGTH, width and height of the NIO ET7 are 5101/1987/1509mm and the wheelbase is 3060mm.On the side, the NIO ET7 has a sliding back style with a coupe style, but the body structure is a traditional three-hatchback rather than a hatchback.The interior of NIO ET7 advocates simple technology style, and the new car comes with a 10.2-inch full LCD meter and a 12.8-inch center control screen.Driving assistance function and vehicle-machine networking function are standard for the whole system.The NIO ET7 is powered by front and rear dual motors with a maximum power of 653 HP and a maximum torque of 850 N · m.The range is available in 500km and 700km.In the future, 1000 km range models will be launched, which can effectively reduce the frequency of charging and changing electricity.Although xiaopeng’s first model is an SUV, it is a sedan — Xiaopeng P7 that really makes it popular across the country.In 2022, Xiaopeng Automobile will bring a new SUV model — Xiaopeng G9.Xiaopeng G9 debut and 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show, positioned as a large SUV xiaopeng G9 after listing will become the flagship SUV xiaopeng family.Xiaopeng G9 adopts xiaopeng family design, with a higher degree of refinement and a stronger sense of design.The split headlights will feature a full LED light source, but details of their functions have not been announced.The biggest highlight of Xiaopeng G9 is that it is built based on 800V overcharging technology platform, which can charge for 5 minutes and have a range of 200 kilometers.Porsche Taycan is currently being sold in Korea.After supporting high voltage charging, Xiaopeng G9 can effectively solve the trouble of difficult charging electric vehicles.2021 LAN Tu FREE fire, the Dongfeng Motor Group to create a “zero anxiety high-end” electric vehicle brand to do debut is the peak.Lantu Dreamer is the second model of Lantu Auto, positioned as a medium and large MPV, which made its debut at the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show.LAN Diagram dream parent width height 5315/1980/1810mm, wheelbase 3200mm.From the size of the MPV king buick GL8 Avenir caused a certain threat.The lanto Dreamer locomotive uses an oversized grille design, and the application of chrome creates an extremely luxurious visual effect.Penetrating daytime running lights and luminous signage make it very recognizable at night.In terms of interior decoration, Lantu Dreamers adopts extremely exaggerated screen design. The new car will provide 5G in-car entertainment system and support OTA upgrade of the vehicle, and intelligent auxiliary driving configuration will not fall behind.Landu Dreamer is built based on ESSA electric architecture, and its power parameters have not been officially disclosed yet. At that time, the new car will provide not only pure electric models but also extended-range models to further expand the travel radius.The M7 is not yet on the market. As the “elder” of the new force of car making, the PERFORMANCE of The M7 is not as good as that of the Weixiaoli in the past year.It was even overtaken by Nezha by the end of 2021.Although weimar has many products, it seems that only EX5 can be played, and mainstream car products are scarce.Recently, it is reported that Weimar is restructuring its product line and cutting orders to mass produce M7, which shows weimar’s attention to M7.Vima M7 is the first product of vIMA Master series. The appearance adopts a new design, and the long and narrow lamp group is very unique.The M7 is equipped with three lidar and seven ultra-high definition cameras on the roof, left and right panels, 12 ultrasonic radars and five millimeter-wave radars.With the help of hardware and software, the Wayma M7 can realize autonomous driving in multiple scenarios.It has yet to be announced how the wima M7 will work, but officials say it will have a range of more than 700 kilometers, enough for urban and suburban travel.BMW I4 is based on CLAR platform. CLAR platform is not an exclusive platform for electric vehicles, but it is officially compatible with the development and manufacturing of electric vehicles, so it is still a question mark whether BMW I4 belongs to the conversion from oil to electricity.It doesn’t seem to matter whether i4 is converted from oil to electricity, because I4 itself is not a rational product, but a perceptual product, and its ownership must be limited to a few.The appearance of BMW I4 is very close to that of BMW 4 series, and the grille part is specially designed for new energy.The i4 is taller in shape, but it’s visually compatible.BMW’s uncompromising athleticism can be seen in its i4 eDrive40 original Michelin race PILOT SPORT4 tires with the 245/40 R19.The BMW i4 eDrive40 uses a single motor layout, with a maximum power of 340 HP and a maximum torque of 430 n · m, and a WLTP range of 590 km.BMW I4 M50 adopts a dual motor layout, with a maximum power of 536 HP, a maximum torque of 795 N · m, and a WLTP range of 510 km.BMW i4 eDrive40 is already arriving in stores, and the exact launch date is yet to be officially announced.Full text summary of the future, the new energy market competition will be intensified, new energy vehicles will have “roll”, whether life or charging in electrical problems will be solved, then don’t know if the screen before you have the plan to purchase new energy vehicles, you are most interested in and which models of new energy vehicles, welcome comments.