17 Sany cranes work at the same time to construct a beautiful city

2022-05-10 0 By

Under the dual carbon target, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development requires that “local governments should actively apply prefabricated concrete structure in affordable housing and commercial housing, and actively carry out steel structure housing pilot”. The new policy is favorable, bringing about the explosion of prefabricated steel structure demand.Recently, guangzhou Biosafety Park talent apartment project is under active construction, with a total area of 78,870 square meters. It is 100% prefabricated building, and there are 17 SANY cranes working together on the site.Lifting equipment manager Liu introduced: “steel structure housing main body lifting from the outside to the inside, from the top to the bottom, layer by layer.With a maximum load of 54.5 meters and a weight of 12 tons, crisscrossed steel columns narrow the working surface of the upper floors.The large volume and tight time put new requirements on the lifting equipment.””Considering the complexity of the site, the project department decided to adopt a unified truck crane to complete the project.Since November last year, up to 17 Sam-il cranes have been operating at the same time, including two 25-ton cranes, three 50-ton cranes, seven 80-ton cranes, and five 130-ton cranes.”In the past, the most commonly used steel structure lifting equipment is 50 tons and 80 tons, but this time we sent 130 tons, this is because the assembly building lifting weight is heavier, and the safety distance between the main structure and the equipment should be kept within 5 meters, only equipment of more than 100 tons can meet the demand.””The SAC1300T2 can complete the lifting work of steel structure with lifting load of 6 tons within the span of 16 meters by using the working condition of 73 meters main boom +18 meters auxiliary boom.The operation was fast, accurate and safe, and well met the requirements of the project department.”At present, a number of buildings in the project have completed the steel structure of the roof.After the completion of the project, it will become a major highlight of prefabricated steel structure construction under the background of “double carbon”.Behind the favorable policy, the prospect of large tonnage truck crane in the field of steel structure is very broad.