Du Xinchong, head of emergency medical transport team of Genting Venue Group, said: “The winter Olympics are coming.

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Du Xinchong is at work.8 PM, February 3, Genting Venue Group C.Du Xinchong, head of the emergency medical transport team of Genting Venue Group, did not leave even though he had been on duty for more than eight hours.The zhangjiakou men’s moguls qualification on the first competition day is underway in Genting.As a medical staff member of the First Affiliated Hospital of Hebei North University who is responsible for the emergency transfer work of the Genting Stadium group, Du Xinchong was not assured, so she still guarded near the medical station in Area C, listening to the information from the match scene in Yuntai.”The best gift we can give to the Opening ceremony is to ensure that the athletes in Zhangjiakou will welcome the opening ceremony safely.”Du Xinchong said.The day before, iAF officials visited the Genting complex and made some changes to the medical job guarantee scheme.During the competition, the first aid transport team will shoulder a heavier burden in the field of the critically injured.”I have full confidence in the level of emergency transport at genting venues.”Du Xinchong introduced that in order to guarantee the emergency transport work in the three areas of genting Stadium group, they sent elite soldiers and strong generals from the hospital to ensure the most professional treatment.Du Xinchong, 38, is an orthopedic surgeon who has worked for 11 years.When the unit selected personnel to serve the Winter Olympics, he, who was studying in Tianjin, signed up voluntarily because he had a complex in his heart — “I want athletes from all over the world to feel our medical service ability and level.”To achieve this goal, Du and her colleagues wear protective clothing for about eight hours a day and drink as little water as possible.They stayed in ambulances with only emergency vests and fleece jackets to keep warm in the freezing temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius.Genting stadium group opened, their “battle” also announced the start.’They are repeatedly testing everyone’s first-aid measures and equipment operation ability, strengthening, strengthening, strengthening, to ensure that the critical moment of the game can survive,’ Said Du xinchong.(Zhao Ruixue, hebei Daily reporter) Pay close attention to Hebei News network for the latest news in Hebei.