Just in time to see the exhibition!In the Year of tiger, see “Tiger” and “Love Life warm Spring” in China Art Palace

2022-05-10 0 By

Among the calligraphic ink rhymes, there is also the breath of spring.China Art Museum recently welcomed the first exhibition of the Year of the Tiger — “Shanghai Chinese Academy of Painting 2022 Spring Welcome Exhibition”.Red background plate with golden yellow “big tiger”, into the spring Exhibition site, everyone felt jubilant.Spring Welcome exhibition is the traditional brand exhibition project of Shanghai Chinese Academy of Painting, which shows the creative achievements of the painters in the past year and fully demonstrates the rigorous academic style of the academy.The exhibition is a collection of recent works by artists from the old, middle and young generations of the academy, covering landscapes, figures, flowers and birds, calligraphy and other works, with a wide variety of features.The calligraphy “Daji” is placed at the entrance of the exhibition hall, with powerful and clumsy strokes, which is impressive.This work, from the former teacher su Mingshuo, Wang guan, Lin Fengmian, etc., the Chinese Academy of Painting in Shanghai, this year already 98 years old Lin Ximing hands.There are also many “tiger paintings” in the exhibition.For example, Dai Dunbang’s “Good Weather, Peaceful Country and Peaceful People” depicts the image of “King Tiger” created by the clever combination of the tiger and classical characters.In the painting, “Tiger king” put out the sword action, momentum arises spontaneously, like a swordsman.Yang Zhengxin’s painting “Hidden Tiger” hides a hidden tiger in freehand ink lines, showing a distant artistic conception of “hidden tiger in the mountains without revealing its shape”.The exhibition runs until March 4.Source: Pudong