Chinese team as a springboard is a double-edged sword!How to avoid wandering abroad?The Portuguese plan is a cautionary tale

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When three women’s soccer players, Tang Jiali, Shen Mengyu and Shen Menglou, went to Europe, the outside world was expecting more men’s soccer players to go out.After the internal adjustment, the Chinese football Association promoted the “stay abroad plan” in a way to implement;Li Lei went to Grasshopper, Guo Tianyu went to Vizela on loan, and It was confirmed that Jia Boyan, who was born in 2003 at SIPG, will also join grasshopper and play in the U21 league in Switzerland.And the following Zhu Chenjie, Zhang Yuning and others abroad has been put on the agenda.As early as 2019, after Chen took office, THE Chinese Football Association communicated with FIFA and UEFA on the issue of players staying abroad, and reached a consensus with UEFA Secretary General Severin face-to-face.The first overseas trip was postponed due to the epidemic.At the end of December 2020, In an interview with the media, Liu Yi, secretary general of the Chinese Football Association, said that the salary limit is to encourage local players to study abroad and improve their skills. The Chinese Football Association is negotiating with the Spanish liga and The German Bundesliga to send some outstanding young players abroad.Later, Wu Jingui revealed that Zhang Yuning, Wei Shihao, Duan Liuyu, Chen Binbin, Yang Liyu and Zhong Yihao had joined the “Sino-German Cooperation Plan”.In an interview with Xinhua last summer, CFA President Chen Xuyuan made it clear that he wanted more Chinese players to study abroad in the short term.Between ’21 and the beginning of’ 22, four or five players will go out.In view of the plan to stay abroad, the Chinese Football Association in June last year, the national team played during the top 40 also held a special meeting to discuss, the list of four men and three women to stay abroad also came into being, the seven people are respectively zhang Yuning, Guo Tianyu, Duan Liuyu, the women’s football Wang Shuang, Tang Jiali, Shen Mengyu, Shen Monroe;But in view of the overseas plan, the football association stated at that time, the player in the candidate list, can send one send one.However, there are some problems in the process of operation.For example, the association gave Duan Liu Yu contact is Granada;But when Duan has yet to fully establish himself in the Chinese Super League, pushing him to La Liga itself is a quixotic operation…And about Guo Tianyu’s next home, originally the football association plans to send him to Belgium, and by the football association technical director Chris personally operation.But at that time Taishan team in the league lead, temporarily unable to put Guo Tianyu.Moreover, it was also in last summer, Tang Jiali, Shen Mengmeng, Shen Mengyu these three women’s soccer players to Europe is the same agent operation;And this agent not only with football association secretary General Liu Yi relationship is too close, and that fat agent is not the lamp, a lot of things were raked out, resulting in the secretary general is very passive, some things can only temporarily stranded.After half of the round of 12, with The resignation of Li Tie, the management team of the National football Team has been adjusted, and the former national football team leader Zhang He is now in charge of the overseas program.This time, Zhang He is an important promoter behind Guo Tianyu’s move to Portugal.As planned, Zhang he will also push Zhang Yuning, Zhu Chenjie, Tao Qianglong and others to Europe.Chinese team is the springboard, European league’s recognition of Chinese players is very low Wu Lei to Espanyol is a Chinese team, before wei Shihao, Duan Liu Yu was rumored to be a Chinese team Granada.The grasshopper team that Li Lei and Jia Boyan went to was a Chinese team;Guo tianyu went to Vizela, a Chinese team.And those young players who make their way in the lower leagues of Portugal and Spain play for the clubs of Chinese teams. It can be said that under the special environment of today, Chinese teams shoulder the heavy task of going overseas and act as a springboard for Chinese players to go overseas.However, having A Chinese team as a springboard does not mean that the road for Chinese players to stay overseas is stable.Look at Wu Lei, the Spaniard from the beginning of the main force to a rotation player, now has worn the bench.And through Wu Lei’s experience, it is not difficult to see at this stage, Chinese players stay abroad resistance is very big.As we all know, whether it is the mainstream platforms like the five major leagues, or the leagues of Portugal, Holland, Scotland and Switzerland, their recognition of Chinese players’ ability is almost synchronized with the performance of our national brands at all levels in international competitions.So in China team into the World Cup before and after, Sun Jihai, Li Tie, Li Weifeng, Shao Jiayi that group of national foot directly to the five leagues.And the 85 national youth, 88 national youth that two groups of people can collectively get the appreciation of European clubs, also with their performance in the World youth tournament, world youth tournament linked to.But the last time our national team played in an international competition was the 2008 Beijing Olympics.When Chinese football is always in the Asian Youth Championship, the Group of The Asian Youth Championship can not get out of the line, and the last stage of the Asian Region World Preliminary tournament expanded to the round of 12 only two consecutive times barely qualified, Chinese football in the world is a “vegetable chicken” team, the Mainstream stage of Europe is impossible to recognize Chinese football.When SiPG subsidizes Wu lei’s salary, espanyol, a Chinese-controlled club, only accepts the best Chinese players, wu Lei’s performance is so struggling, which shows that the mainstream stage in Europe has very low recognition of Chinese players.In a context where it makes no sense for Chinese players to be forced into the top five leagues, the FA has to focus on Europe’s second or even third tier.And vezela team’s main center, is 18 years in the Heilongjiang team 5 games 0 goal casiano, and Vezela itself is weak attack;Therefore, many people think that Guo Tianyu has a chance to play there.Titan Sports reported that Vizela’s coach believes that Guo tianyu is the team’s special need type.But in the face of fierce competition also means that maybe a bad two games will be eliminated!Forced to send out to have a swim in the risk for Portugal’s plan is warning about our soccer players all go abroad the phenomenon of Chinese club, Titan sports famous media group of dexing said “by Chinese club let Chinese player to take the first step, not losing face”, and even mentioned the Chinese which have not to help the Chinese, our players to go out to say again first.It’s nice to have A Chinese club as a hub, but there are two sides to every coin.In the history of Chinese football, various problems have appeared in the overseas plan promoted by the Football Association.Of jianlibao during youth team in Brazil, if it weren’t for the famous monopoly CSL half of Brazil’s foreign aid in the future business agent Li Yu hon rescue, li3 tie3, howell, zheng bin, weifeng, li jingyu in Brazil’s three meals a day, these people were injured after the treatment are not guaranteed, may be there’s some players have to play not bottom go to.In the past decade, wei di’s plans for Portugal and Wanda’s plans for Spain have been downright failures.When Wei di promoted the Portuguese plan, he raised a lot of money, but he entrusted the matter to Chen Qi and Guo Feng, two agents in charge.After Wei Di left office, the plan to stay in Portugal was broken, and the players who stayed in Portugal were collected by Guo Feng’s Xinghui Hesheng, which opened the curtain of China’s football export to domestic sales.The reason why Wanda Spain failed was that the people who were pushing it didn’t even know the local laws and the players they sent out couldn’t play in Spain…It is because the first two batches of players sent out by Wanda did not reach the initial expectation, which is also the reason why Dalian has been buying people from Xinghui in the past two years.In addition, several years ago, there were also local football associations to promote overseas situations, such as Zhang Xiuwei was sent to Lyon by chengdu football Association;This operation, however, eventually evolved into an exit to the inside line.And like Shenhua the kind of overall team playing Spain’s lower league, the effect is also not very good;Luneng’s model of sending its players to Brazil or Portugal in previous years also failed to achieve good results. As for hebei Jingying’s model of sending its players to Brazil and evergrande’s model of sending some elite players to Spain needs to be tested by the future career of these players.In the past ten years, many Chinese football players stopped playing or exported to the domestic market. Will the situation be substantially improved this time?Even if Guo Tianyu went to Europe on loan for half a year, and Li Lei promised to return to China after grasshopper;Shanghai media reported that If Jia Boyan transfers to Europe in the future, SIPG will get 20% of the share and only return to SIPG when he returns to China.But in fact, when I go back to China, I can only go back to Shanghai, which is to prevent the gentleman but not the “villain”!When Wei Di withdrew, Zhang Jian also did not clean up wei Di left the stand, let Guo Feng picked up a leak, pry away a lot of clubs according to the requirements of the Football association sent to Portugal’s small players.In China, Guo Feng that year from luneng football school wei Shihao, Tang Shi pry away also made a great movement;So is there really no way for a top Chinese agent like Guo Feng, whose team is on loan from a Chinese agency, to sell it in China?Youth training is the foundation, league is the guarantee, stay abroad is the means, naturalization is the supplement.The Chinese football Association’s desire to send players away one by one is certainly encouraging.During Mr Chen’s tenure, there was little to worry about;But how long will Mr Chen last in the Chinese football association?The naturalization promoted by Chen Xuyuan’s predecessor was suspended.And will Mr Chen’s desire to move abroad be suspended by his successor?Will the “stay abroad plan” promoted by the FOOTBALL Association become the second “stay in Portugal plan”?