National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) : We will promptly introduce and implement a series of policy measures to expand domestic demand

2022-05-11 0 By

Financial Union on February 5, the National Development and Reform Commission said a few days ago, the policy force should be appropriately forward.In the first quarter of this year, we faced many uncertainties. Therefore, we need to move the focus of our policies forward as appropriate, make early arrangements, act early, and deliver early results, and respond to various challenges with a stable economic performance.We will promptly introduce and implement a series of policies and measures to expand domestic demand.Timely study and put forward targeted measures to invigorate industrial operation.We will implement policies and measures to boost consumption of major items such as automobiles and home appliances.We will improve the service quality of rural tourism, health and elderly care, and special home stay facilities, and enrich the supply of tourism products for surrounding areas, outings, and snow and ice travel.We will promote the integration of consumption of goods and services, and expand new types of consumption such as information consumption and green consumption.We will move faster to integrate county and rural e-commerce systems and express delivery systems.