Thumb up!These collectives and individuals were commended for convening the judicial administration of drug rehabilitation work in Sichuan

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Cover news reporter Yu Ting February 16 at 8:00 a.m., the 2022 Sichuan Judicial administration drug rehabilitation work teleconference was held in Jinniu Hotel.The meeting summarized the work of the judicial and administrative drug rehabilitation system in Sichuan in the past year, and commended and awarded awards to advanced units and individual representatives such as Xinhua Compulsory drug rehabilitation Center, Meishan Compulsory drug rehabilitation Center and Chen Xingyu.”In the past 2021, the judicial and administrative drug rehabilitation system in Sichuan has made remarkable achievements by focusing on the main responsibilities and main work, coordinating development and safety, and actively serving the overall situation of the center.”It is understood that in the past year, sichuan united drug detoxification system model to optimize, “four type rehab” construction further, “three into” to further expand, each cooperation further extension, “six big projects” smooth implementation, HIV/AIDS drug classification management experiences and caring towards the nation, “six” target completion.In addition, a large number of advanced collectives and outstanding individuals have emerged, and 73 collectives and more than 1,500 people have been commended and rewarded.Among them, Xinhua Compulsory isolation and drug treatment Center and Administration Office won the first prize of 2021 performance appraisal;Meishan Compulsory Isolation and Drug Treatment Center and bureau office won the second prize of 2021 performance appraisal;Provincial Ziyang Compulsory Isolation and Drug Treatment Center, Provincial Ya ‘an Compulsory isolation and drug Treatment Center, Bureau political Department, Bureau Education and Correction Department won the third prize of 2021 annual performance appraisal.Among them, Xinhua compulsory isolation and drug rehabilitation center, Meishan compulsory isolation and drug rehabilitation Center, Chengdu second compulsory isolation and drug rehabilitation Center were assessed by the Ministry and bureau as “national unified judicial administrative rehabilitation basic model construction demonstration center”;Meishan compulsory isolation rehabilitation center, women compulsory isolation rehabilitation Center, Neijiang compulsory isolation rehabilitation Center, Ya ‘an compulsory isolation rehabilitation Center, Xinhua compulsory isolation rehabilitation Center was assessed by the Ministry as “judicial administration system of intelligent rehabilitation center”.Chen Xingyu, Wang Xiang, Lin Maosheng, Wang Lusheng, Liu Jie and Luo Wanlin were awarded the “Auxiliary police with outstanding achievements” in the provincial judicial administration drug rehabilitation system in 2021.Xinhua Compulsory Isolation Drug Rehabilitation Center and Chengdu Drug Rehabilitation Center, as well as li Zhi, Wang Jingyin and other 5 people were commended as “Political and legal pioneers in Sichuan” by the Provincial Political and Legal Committee.The official Douyin account of “Sichuan Drug Rehabilitation” was selected as one of the “Four 100” Outstanding New Media of Politics and Law of the CPC Central Committee.Liu hai was honored as 2016-2020 National Advanced Individual in Legal Knowledge work by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of Justice and the National Legal Knowledge Office.