Do you want to “keep” the lucky money for your children?One of your decisions has led to two very different lives for your children!

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During the Spring Festival, children are the most happy, because they can receive a lot of lucky money. This elder gives a red envelope, and that elder gives a…Within a few days, the child had become a “little rich man” and was smiling from ear to ear.But parents are worried, how to deal with the child’s lucky money?Let them take a fear of accidentally lost, two afraid of spending money to squander, if tough to come over, and afraid of children not willing to make mood.That’s a tricky question. What have we done in the past?1 We will say to the children, “good baby, come to your mother, mother first save for you!”But after a while, it’s gone, and many netizens say it’s the biggest lie a parent can ever tell.And if forced to come over, the child must jump, which will provoke the child’s rebellious psychology.Obviously it was given to him by another elder, why should it be taken away? The child will be very reluctant and sad.But if let the child no matter, it will not be spent in a few days, because the child will compare who’s New Year’s money privately, who bought more things, regardless of whether the child is easy to become money worship, keeping up with the Joneses.The teacher felt that he must not take it all at once. Although it was the most direct, it would also do the greatest harm to the child. The child would become desperate for money and become resentful.In fact, this is a good opportunity to help children understand the cultural significance behind the New Year’s money, help children better understand money, and then cultivate children’s correct concept of money, consumption.2 children received New Year’s money will be very happy, you can borrow the children’s excitement to tell the story behind the New Year’s money, “children, do you know why the elders want to give children New Year’s money?”It is a traditional custom for the elders to give red envelopes with New Year’s money to the younger generation during the Spring Festival. Children wish their elders a happy New Year, and the elders give the New Year’s money to the children. It is said that the New Year’s money can suppress evil spirits and make them sound the same age.It carries a blessing, on behalf of the elders to the younger generation of care, is a kind of love transmission.But New Year’s money is not “unearned”, others gave their own New Year’s money, parents also gave each other’s children New Year’s money, in the final analysis, this money or parents, that parents’ money is how to come?This, of course, is earned through hard work.3 Let the child understand the culture behind the New Year’s money, as well as the source, you can teach him to know money, what can money do?Children must be very active to this problem, because you can buy sugar, stationery, good-looking books, clothes, hair cards, posters, buy albums……You can also get together with friends and watch movies……In fact, children in addition to know money can spend, can buy things, do not know what money can do?They have a very limited understanding of money, so this is definitely a good opportunity to teach them.”Do you know what mom and dad will do when they get paid and money?”The best way for adults to teach children about money is by talking about how they use it. This is a role model!Parents’ salary is the income of the family, and the family income should be allocated reasonably.I also need to save some money for later use. I also need to buy some books and enroll in some classes to improve myself. Sometimes, I also need to offer love.Teach your child what normal living expenses are, what education investment is, what insurance is, what saving is, what investing is, what caring is…Classification to the child about, different uses, on their own, on the family, or on others will have what kind of impact, so that the child will have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of money, and the child’s view of money is thus formed step by step.After the above money knowledge is popular science for children, how to deal with New Year’s money?Can discuss with the child first, must respect the child’s opinion, this is to cultivate the child’s view of money basis.The teacher felt that the New Year’s money can be divided into four parts: ● Children have a New Year’s money children happy, mainly because of the kind of “autonomous desire”, so be sure to give the child part let him to control, such as their own purchase of school supplies, extracurricular reading materials, toys and snacks.Let him write a list of necessities first, have the opportunity to spend money, and learn to keep accounts, can clearly see where the money is going.Take your child to the bank and open a bank account in your child’s name. The teacher still remembers how excited she was the first time she opened a bank account for her daughter to deposit lucky money. “I feel like I’ve suddenly grown up,” she said.In this way, children can realize that financial management is a part of their own life from an early age. It can cultivate her sense of responsibility and form a good habit of accumulating wealth.To open bank accounts of some of the requirements are as follows: to open an account to minor, have unified regulation of the People’s Bank of China, Chinese citizens under the age of 16 living in the territory of China, shall open a personal bank account agent by the guardian, and issue a guardian of the valid identity certificate and the account user’s resident identity card or residence booklet.Specific requirement is: must want guardian to accompany deal with, guardian fills in as agent do card data.Proof of guardianship must be provided.(birth certificate or one-child certificate) household register or ID card of the child and the agent.● A gift of love encourages children to give small gifts to elders and teachers, which fosters gratitude.In addition, we can also tell the child, when we are in a happy life, discuss how to spend the New Year’s money, there are many people in the distance are very difficult, such as the children of disaster areas, the left-behind children in poor mountainous areas, they need everyone’s help, we can also donate a little money, offer a love.Family housekeeper this is very fun, one day or one week, let the child take charge of the family, take out part of the New Year’s money as family expenses, let the child responsible for buying vegetables, buy steamed bread, buy soy sauce…In this way, children can experience the happiness of responsibility and responsibility, and also let children understand their parents are not easy.Although it is a small New Year’s money, but it is a test of parents’ wisdom, to help children understand money, learn to use money correctly, in order to cultivate children’s view of money from an early age, and then lay a solid foundation for the cultivation of financial intelligence, which will benefit children for a lifetime.This article is from: Primary School Chinese (XXJSW100) and forwarded to more people for reading.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: