Here comes the Winter Olympics. What do they say south of the clouds

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Kunming, Xinhua Network on February 2(Han Wenping, Xu Hualing, he Ying) “When I first came into contact with skiing, I couldn’t help feeling excited and excited inside.At the beginning, I had a hard time standing on my feet. I kept falling down and getting up again and again. I followed the coach’s instructions and started sliding slowly by myself, and finally I felt like a bird.”Pu Rui, a female athlete of the national cross-sport slalom pursuit team from Ningerhani and Yi Autonomous County, Pu ‘er City, Yunnan Province, recalled her first experience on skiing.Many yunnan ice and snow athletes have the same feeling as Rui. When they first came into contact with ice and snow sports, they felt fresh, excited and curious. With the continuous advancement of ice and snow sports, more and more young people who have never seen snow start to pursue their dream of ice and snow sports, and Yunnan is constantly refreshing the history of ice and snow sports.Four athletes from Yunnan, including Rui, have been selected to the Chinese sports delegation for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which is the first time for Yunnan athletes to participate in the Games.In addition, seven ice and snow athletes from Yunnan have been selected as domestic technical officials for the Beijing Winter Olympics, and two of them will continue to provide guarantee services for the Winter Paralympics.Pri in training (file photo).There is little snow in colorful Yunnan in the southwest of the motherland, and the development of snow and ice sports is relatively “congenital deficiency”, but the love of yunnan people for snow and ice is not reduced, many athletes through cross-boundary cross-sport material selection began to pursue the dream of snow and ice.Through cross-disciplinary selection, Yunnan province has its first batch of winter sports athletes, and It is through selection that Puri transforms from an track and field athlete to an ice and snow athlete.”At the beginning, I fell down many times and felt competitive pressure, but I thought it was a rare opportunity to jump from the former city team to the national team, and I didn’t want to give it up easily.”She admitted that at the beginning of the new project, she felt scared and the competition was fierce. Fortunately, the training team and Yunnan Province did a good job in providing support and caring.Faced with pressure, she chose to redouble her efforts and catch up.Pri in training (file photo).Through three years of hard training in the national training team and the accumulation of experience in all kinds of competitions, from the initial panic on the ski track to the successful selection of the Chinese sports delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics, at present,She ranked second among women in China in FIS and 25th in the World Cup in 2021-2022.As for the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics, Puree said that as an ice and snow athlete, she is proud to host the Winter Olympics in China.As an athlete, she has her own expectations:”The freestyle skiing obstacles to chase this project in China is infancy, own level with international high level athletes have a certain gap, the entry of the target is to be able to in the winter Olympics play out their own level, smooth finish, at the same time, in the game close view of high level athletes in the world techniques and tactics, learn a lot from them.”In addition to Pu Rui, Peng Qingyue, Chen Degen and Liu Rongsheng are among the yunnan athletes selected for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. They will participate in ski jumping, cross-country skiing and freestyle skiing.Guo Qing in training (file photo).Another way to embrace the dream racing is one of the ways to realize the dream, good service guarantee is also a way to close to the dream.As cross-border across the athlete, from yunnan Zhang Jinyi, Pan Yu, Zhu Yanan, guo qing, pay, wen-jun li, li yuan 7 players will serve as the Beijing Olympics and winter paralympics domestic technical officials, competition guarantee service for the two big events, including Zhu Yanan and guo qing officials will also serve as winter paralympic games of domestic technology.It is understood that this is the first time for them to participate in the security service work of the Winter Olympic Games. The male athletes specifically serve as the technical officer of the Winter Olympic Ski jumping and the alpine skiing test member of the Winter Paralympic Games, while the female athletes serve as the technical officer of the Winter Olympic ski jumping.”Although I didn’t get to participate in the competition, I feel honored to work as a support worker.”Guo qing said.Pan also said that working as a service worker at the Winter Olympics would be an opportunity to learn the skills and mentality of top athletes, which would be of great help to her future growth.Zhang Jinyi in training (file photo).Although the Olympic Winter Games, but many athletes did not give up the dream of competing.”I want to participate in the next Winter Olympics through my own efforts.”Zhang Jinyi said.Zhu also set himself a long-term goal: to represent China at the next Winter Olympics.In culture introduction to show more yunnan figure represented by PuRui, Peng Qingyue, de-gen Chen, Liu Rongsheng yunnan athlete’s growth, is an epitome of the development of ice and snow sports, in yunnan province by the original stumbled to the current forward steadily, and yunnan in the winter again ushered in the exciting news, and refresh the history of the southern province of ice and snow sports.Li Guangyan, leader of Yunnan Provincial Sports Team, said that Yunnan’s ice and snow sports started late and lagged behind in the country as a whole, but among southern provinces, Yunnan’s ice and snow sports started relatively high, especially in cross-country skiing.When it comes to experience, Li guangyan believes that Yunnan still relies on the strength of the country. Because Yunnan lacks coaching resources and training venues, most of its athletes train in the national team.We should actively link with provinces in the north that are well developed in ice and snow sports, such as Jilin and Heilongjiang, and train athletes from Yunnan through them.In addition, Yunnan should actively introduce talents to participate in the preparation for the competition.Li guangyan introduced that Yunnan will make full use of the dividends of the Winter Olympics to continue to develop the snow and ice industry, continue to consolidate the results on the current basis, and actively seek the support of the national team to train athletes.”The next step, we will continue the successful experience of cross-border across the item selection, development team, especially to increase the athletes have the characteristics of the projects of yunnan province of select material, for on these projects can place in the country, in the next Olympic winter games, the force in the competition for more yunnan athletes figure and strive for success.”Li guangyan said.(after)