I only got 350 points in the simulation test of senior three, so I should choose between single recruit and college entrance examination

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Guide language: Must arrive immediately again every year June, in this period, have a very important examination is about to begin, that is the annual college entrance examination.During this period of time, both teachers and parents are very nervous, afraid of students because of the tension in the examination room, can not get a good result.The college entrance exam will determine the fate of many people in today’s society, which attaches great importance to academic qualifications.We only got 350 points in the simulation test of senior three. In fact, we should choose between single admission and the college entrance examination. Almost every teacher we met in high school stressed the importance of the college entrance examination to us.In fact, the college entrance examination is really important for us, but not every student can reach the undergraduate score line, so if not the undergraduate score line what to do.Recently, a parent posted a message asking for help on the Internet: “Do you have any hope of going to college when your child scored only 350 in the mock college entrance exam?”When many people saw the message, they went out of their way to leave their opinions in the comments section.In fact, for teachers, it is very difficult for students to enter a good undergraduate university if their scores reach 350.Especially for liberal arts students, the score of 350 is not even the undergraduate level, and it is difficult for liberal arts students to improve their scores.We all know that liberal arts students pay more attention to students’ ability to recite and understand, which is impossible to improve in a short time.For science students, maybe 350 points in some areas of northeast China can touch the edge of undergraduate, but if they want to enter a good university, it is still difficult.However, science students have better performance. As long as they master certain problem-solving methods, they can get certain improvement in a short time.So although 350 points is not a high score, there is still a chance for science students to work hard.If you are a liberal arts student, you may want to consider a single recruitment route.Because every year in senior three, teachers give students advice on making a choice.For students with good grades, teachers will suggest which college to apply for according to their study and mock test scores.For students with poor academic performance, teachers may persuade them to enter a junior college or take a single admission route before the college entrance exam.This is not to say that teachers discourage students’ enthusiasm, but because the college entrance examination is very competitive environment, often can be pulled out of thousands of one point.When it comes to the college entrance examination, with all kinds of pressure, it will be even harder to get into your favorite college.However, it is not the same with single enrollment. Some colleges will open up some single enrollment places before the gaokao, so that students can get into colleges with lower scores.This means that students can finish high school early by applying for a single enrollment, and there will be less pressure in the college entrance examination.Some students think that teachers recommend students to take the single enrollment route because it has certain advantages for teachers, such as the school will give teachers some points back.But in fact, for high school teachers, no matter which school the students end up in, it has no effect on their salary.Therefore, teachers recommend those students with average academic performance to take the single enrollment for their consideration.After entering the university campus, we will find that cultural courses no longer occupy the main energy of students at that time, and students focus on professional knowledge.Because when we enter the society in the future, it is more important to master professional knowledge.Have a few specialized colleges, although record of formal schooling cannot compare with undergraduate course record of formal schooling, but a few ace major is very popular however in the society.In addition, many students apply for the college entrance exam. If students with average scores take the college entrance exam, they may not even get a place in the flagship major.If can walk single move, can directly enter ace major study.And the treatment of single enrollment and ordinary college entrance examination students are the same, there will be no difference, so this problem students can rest assured.Every year when it comes to the college entrance examination, almost the whole society focuses on senior three students, so it may cause too much pressure on them.Almost every year there will be too much pressure, resulting in their own tests to play the market.Therefore, it is also a good choice for students to choose a single entrance exam before the college entrance examination, so as to avoid the pressure of the college entrance examination.But if you’re a student with good grades, you can go for it.After all, the future is still in your own hands. If you can enter a first-class university, you will have a better development when you enter the society in the future.But no matter what degree, I believe that in the future everyone can struggle to belong to their own piece of the world.