Kunming vision discount sales promotion, down 20.97%, welcome to inquire

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2022 New Year the first regiment and prosperous New Year 2, on February 20th wosign New Year the first group of yunnan, geely automobile introduced the “doors, 2 billion red envelopes, geely automobile promote all models offer low prices, New Year and enjoy high quality one-on-one service, just a phone call, you around kunming courtesy, after the customers can submit an expense account, the fareAlso can enjoy multiple luxurious courtesy: ★ invitation gift ☆ : invitation into the store is a beautiful gift!★ Test drive ☆ : test drive will send a mug!★ Booking gift ☆ : Booking can enjoy a huge discount!★ Elite gift ☆ : civil servants, doctors, teachers, now retired soldiers and other elite customers enjoy up to 500 yuan subsidy!★ Car gift ☆ : lift the car to send the value of 3888 yuan decoration gift package!★ Live interactive ceremony ☆ : Pay attention to the store’s broadcast room?Daily interaction with the anchor can extract exquisite gifts, online car watching?☆ : Bo Yue X will give you 8 free maintenance for 4 years (including the first guarantee).Star rui 4 years 120,000km maintenance warranty Star more S 4.5 years km maintenance warranty can still have oh hot car booking ceremony ☆ : car booking to participate in the lottery Jingdong card, electric oven, microwave oven, floor tower fan, 55 inch LCD TV, you grab network sales team wholeheartedly look forward to your call!Please be sure to specify the phone customer into the store, otherwise you can not enjoy the network price!For more details, please call: 17096574801!Address:Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone International Automobile City D-9 promotion time from February 14, 2022 to February 14, 2022 Vision latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Kunming quotation 1.5L CVT Distinguished model 73,900 Yuan 15,500 yuan 58,400 yuan 1.5LManual Asian Games edition 59,900 RMB 0.700 RMB 52,900 RMB 1.5L CVT Asian Games edition 69,900 RMB 0.75 RMB 62,400 RMB 1.5L MANUAL super value edition 49,900 RMB 0.15 RMB 48,400 RMB 1.5L CVT super value edition 59,900 RMB 0.25,400 RMB