Municipal CPPCC held the city’s CPPCC members “four actions” mobilization and deployment meeting

2022-05-12 0 By

On February 16, the CPPCC held the city CPPCC “big four” action will mobilize the deployment, thoroughly study and apply the autonomous region party committee secretary liu ning to qinzhou research spirit of speech, around the city full implementation of “build penang, dagang, strong industry, beautiful countryside” four-wheel drive strategy, to mobilize the deployment work of CPPCC “four action”.City CPPCC chairman Lv Hongan attended the meeting and speech.▲ Lu Hongan’s speech.Lu pointed out that CPPCC organizations at all levels and CPPCC members should unify their thinking, build consensus, deeply understand the significance of carrying out the “four major actions,” and consciously align their thinking and action with the decision-making and deployment requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the municipal Committee of the Autonomous Region.Always with the municipal party committee TongPinGongZhen, synthetic, firmly the party to implement the “build penang, dagang, strong industry, beautiful countryside” four-wheel drive strategy into all levels of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference organization and the vast majority of CPPCC took action, through CPPCC “big four” action, strong booster pinglu canal construction, construction of beibu gulf international gateway port, many billions of industrial cluster development,Expand, strengthen and improve the economy toward the sea, improve the quality of livable Kangshou bincheng, speed up the building of a modern coastal city, promote strong agriculture, beautiful countryside and rich farmers, help qinzhou to develop out of the “acceleration”, and strive to become the leader of Guangxi in “facing the sea and strong sea map”.Lin Qingshan chaired the meeting.▲ Ye Limei, Huang Qiu, Chen Fuduo and Chen Zhengli made introductions on the “Four Major Actions” of CPPCC members respectively.Lv Hongan stressed that to grindstone, yong yi, efforts in the CPPCC reveal new as the “big four”, focusing on “led enterprises to qin committee action”, grasp key, play advantage, introduce docking with the accurate, precise agglomeration industry, consultative advice, democratic supervision and seek practical results, accurate practical, often do often new;Focusing on the “rural revitalization committee action”, we will identify the combination point, entry point and focus of rural revitalization, and carry out in-depth actions such as CPPCC members to improve the quality of rural living environment and CPPCC members to improve the agricultural ecosystem along the Pinglu Canal.Focusing on the action of science and Education Revitalization Committee, we will accelerate the construction of Baishi Lake scientific research cluster area, extend and strengthen the high-tech industrial chain, and go all out to boost the construction of beibu Gulf coastal education center and medical center.Focusing on “consultation for the People” and closely following the people’s growing needs for a better life, the Party Committee and the municipal people’s government will assist the people to do the things they care about most, do the things they care about most quickly, and accomplish the things they want most.We need to have the courage to assume responsibility, take initiatives, work in unity, work in a pioneering spirit, and make solid progress in carrying out the four major actions of CPPCC members in an all-round way, so as to welcome the opening of the 20th CPC National Congress with outstanding achievements.▲ The meeting site.At the meeting, Ye Limei, Huang Qiu, Chen Fuduo and Chen Zhengli, vice chairmen of the Municipal CPPCC, respectively introduced the “four major actions” of the CPPCC members, including introducing enterprises into Qin, rural revitalization, science and education revitalization and consultation for the people.Municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Lin Qingshan chaired the meeting, municipal CPPCC vice Chairman Wang Wenyuan, secretary General Xu Yangyuan attended the meeting.