My Spring Festival | year Chinese red, jubilant “Yang” beauty “DE” is

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Happy New Year, the 2022-2-4 lunar January 4 there is a kind of color coming from one thousand days jing the innumerable festive days with a “China red” is the most human color temperature is omnipresent joy peace if deyang Spring Festival have colors that must be a “China red” today “in my Spring Festival” series of small make up will take you through the citizen xue-wu wang during the Spring Festival”Poetry and distance are not necessarily the most beautiful things,” wang said. “As a Native of Deyang, take pictures of our city and the people and things around you with your mobile phone, and you will find how much our city has changed, how beautiful it is, and how interesting the people and things around you are.It’s also a love, a love of home and life.”After seeing this group of photos, have you ever felt the strong taste of Deyang’s New Year? “My Spring Festival, my year” material is still hot in the collection of Chinese New Year ceremony feeling go!”In the Spring Festival of my” solicitation for waiting for you to welcome to share your Spring Festival story let us see your sense of “Chinese New Year ceremony” reporter | XiaoXi edit | He Juan coordinating editor | wang qiao duty editor | tittle