New Year “salary” weather!There are 3,600 jobs waiting for you

2022-05-12 0 By

While welcoming the New Year, the career also needs to glow “salary” spring.During the Spring Festival holiday, the Human resources and social Security Bureau of Lianshui County took advantage of the favorable opportunity for migrant workers to return to their hometowns to carry out a special recruitment activity of “spring breeze send post, post waiting for you”, which was warmly welcomed by the masses and job seekers.On February 3rd, a special recruitment activity was held at Wuyue Plaza in Lianshui.Specifically to return to the youth recruitment olive branch, attract them to return to work at home.At the scene of the activity, there was an endless stream of job seekers who came to consult, and everyone carefully and intently browsed the corporate posters to find suitable positions.It’s great that everyone is so focused!Small make up sincerely hope that each job seekers, can harvest to expect long positions, looking forward to the proper position of the glowing, achieve their goals and dreams ~ it is reported that this year, the county a total of 62 in enterprises to participate in the recruitment, the cumulative discharge nearly 3600 has both a position line production, technical skills, management, innovation, research and development jobs,Involving nearly more than 20 types of work, high pay, good welfare, empty seat for job seekers, by the return of workers.County human resources and social security bureau also around “spring breeze action”, on the one hand, establish the plant, increase of school-age youth skills training, expand the talent reserves, on the other hand increased the breadth and depth of recruitment, the omni-directional entrepreneurship preferential policies to promote employment encourages returnees door preferred employment, to return to work and production to lay the foundation for the enterprise.Liu Lanmei, HR director of Bosten company: Through our Human resources in Lianshui, they brought us the channel of recruitment. Now our company has more than 100 people (recruited). It is through their channels that we can recruit.On February 4, the county human resources and social security bureau held a job fair in liangcha town, many job seekers shuttled back and forth on the scene, looking for the right job.In recent years, Lianshui County will always serve enterprises to recruit workers, promote the masses to the nearest employment and entrepreneurship placed in an important position, the annual use of the Spring Festival opportunity, to carry out recruitment activities, for enterprises to recruit workers and the masses to build an important platform for face-to-face negotiations, two-way choice.If you can’t come to the scene, don’t feel sorry. For more details, please check the qr code below.I believe that you will be able to have your own stage and display your talent in the new field.