Woman fireworks: “I wait for you in Bali Lake”, police: here we come!

2022-05-12 0 By

This online conversation came from a woman in Jiujiang, who came to the Bali Lake Bridge to set off fireworks on the night of the Lantern Festival. She filmed the whole process and posted it to Douyin to show off. Within a few hours, the short video received more than ten thousand hits.Hundreds of messages from the jiujiang city people’s government of the ban on fireworks in jiujiang city announcement released jiujiang citizens already have agreed on a ban burning banned a lot of net friend message to resist and @ jiujiang police didn’t expect the woman to daring “I wait for you (to) in eight lakes” attitude is very arrogant, eight in jiulong lake district public security bureau police station after police received a message,On February 16, the police summoned the suspects to the police station for investigation. Tao (29,Song area) on the behavior of illegal fireworks at 8:30 PM on February 15, truthfully confesses her in jiujiang eight lake bridge fireworks gatling 888 and released on its trill App fireworks video police according to the fireworks safety management regulations of tau somewhere in administrative penalty of fine for 500 yuan tao said,I have also heard some propaganda of fireworks ban, but I did not pay attention to it. At the same time, I also regretted sending videos to show off and provocative behavior. On the spot, I took the initiative to admit my mistake and promised that I would not set off fireworks in violation of regulations in the future.To comply with the requirements of the relevant management looks at the general public to take the forbidden combustion banned fireworks in order to we have more better jiujiang city police measures simultaneously, department linkage of an illegal fireworks said “no” to protect people’s lives and property safety firmly do find investigated recently jiujiang people together an illegal fireworks were investigated left left left in Yu Ruichang city on February 4, 16Lake farm XXL for a long time not to go home, set off firecrackers to increase popularity as illegal firecrackers, and was apprehended ruichang city public security bureau police administrative penalty of fine for XXL 500 yuan by the police education, Chen later won’t realize his mistake said violations when setting off on February 9, 15 YiNing xiushui county town of New York state avenue vientiane new city mall store because the store opened,Set off a firecracker at the gate the police found in the patrol shop owner Zhou has been repaired water police fined 500 administrative penalties according to law