Bad news from Russia, serious threat from G7 finance ministers, Within 24 hours from China

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February 16, according to Politico on February 11, is the day Russia “invaded” Ukraine.The comments came during a video conference between President Joe Biden and European Allies, including missile strikes and cyber attacks.With the order of The US Secretary of State Blinken about the US embassy in Kiev on February 14, the russian-Ukrainian situation was passively “pushed” in a bad direction by those with intentions.Meanwhile, there was more bad news from Russia.Finance ministers from the Group of Seven (G7) on February 14 issued a statement expressing “grave concern” over Russia’s military build-up on Ukraine’s border, The Jerusalem Post reported, citing Reuters.And issued a stern warning that any further Russian military aggression against Ukraine would be met with a swift, coordinated and strong response, including the collective imposition of economic and financial sanctions.The so-called G7 is the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Italy and Canada.It was the forerunner of the G8.The forum, founded in the early 1970s, was upgraded to the GROUP of Eight in 1997 with the addition of Russia.But historically, the G7’s threats are understandable. It has not been very friendly to Russia since its inception.In addition to being recognized as a member years after joining, Russia was excluded from the g7 on June 4, 2014, when it was notable that Ukraine was at the heart of the summit.As early as March 25, 2014, Obama and the leaders of the other six countries simply decided to suspend Russia’s membership.So the sanctions should not come as much of a surprise.But it has undeniably hit Russia where it hurts.Russia is no stranger to prolonged sanctions, especially after the Crimea incident, Russia’s economy in the face of western containment, can be said to be under great pressure.But as Mr Putin said the other day, Russia is the world’s leading nuclear power.So the threat of war alone does not scare Russia.So western countries naturally tend to fight “war” from an economic point of view.This is why, in this tense situation between Russia and Ukraine, even though both sides repeatedly reiterated that there is no need for war, the United States and other countries are so eager to “fire”.Responding to the g7 finance ministers’ statement, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a regular press briefing on Monday that China always opposes the use of unilateral sanctions or the threat of sanctions in international relations.Under the current circumstances, unilateral sanctions can only intensify division and confrontation.China calls on all parties to be rational, push for a comprehensive settlement of the Ukrainian crisis and related issues through dialogue and negotiation, and refrain from doing anything to stimulate tension or sensationalize the crisis.Part of the information reference source: if there is an infringement of the network, please contact