Be careful, using wechat accounts to send red envelopes is a scam

2022-05-13 0 By

□ Xu Peng, a reporter of our newspaper, took the opportunity to modify the victim’s wechat password under the excuse of borrowing his wechat account to give a red envelope, and sold it to the fraud gang for profit.Recently, the People’s Court of Geermu, Haixi city, Qinghai Province, held a public hearing on the case of Wang Zhen, Ye Mou and other nine people who violated citizens’ personal information.The court found that in 2021, unemployed wang Zhen met Ye in a wechat group, and they learned how to make money by selling wechat accounts while chatting online.To this end, the two men in Golmud city to obtain other people’s wechat accounts, and sold to the fraud gang for profit.Because the cost is small, to the money fast, a few months later, taste the “sweet” two people feel this way can “make a lot of money”, for large-scale cheating wechat account, has convened Liu mou and other 7 people specializing in cheating, the acquisition of wechat account “work”.Liu and others through a variety of channels to join the students QQ group, after the group issued “borrow wechat signal, red envelope 500 yuan” and other false advertising, the use of the victim coveting petty cheap psychology, step by step to induce the victim to take the initiative to provide wechat account, password.After defrauding the victim of trust, Liu and others log in the victim’s wechat through the victim’s SMS verification code verification, and steal the victim’s wechat account within 3 days by using other people’s real names to unlock the wechat account, and then they will sell the stolen wechat account to the fraud gang for profit.Wang Zhen, ye mou with others in a short period of time crazy fraudulent wechat accounts, douyin accounts and other social software accounts for profit, as of the case has been illegal profit of more than 400,000 yuan.The court heard that the defendant Wang Zhen, ye mou and other 9 people in violation of the law, illegal acquisition, selling citizens’ personal information, serious circumstances, their behavior has constituted a crime of infringing citizens’ personal information.The criminal facts charged by the public prosecution are clear, the evidence is sufficient, the charges are established, combined with wang Zhen, Ye mou and other 9 people’s criminal facts, circumstances and confession and repentance attitude, the 9 defendants were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of three years, two months to nine months, and a fine ranging from 6000 yuan to 50000 yuan.In recent years, the high incidence of telecom fraud crime, the crime of encroachment on the personal information of citizens in the criminal chain is also rising, repeated bans, not only seriously disrupted the normal order of life of citizens, but also for the high-quality development of economic society.Regarding the illegal acquisition, sale and utilization of citizens’ personal information, golmud People’s Court, based on its judicial function, firmly established the concept of justice for the people, strengthened the punishment of the crime of infringing citizens’ personal information, and effectively contributed to the construction of safe Golmud.The the judge handling the case introduction, modern society, citizens’ personal information is closely related to production and living rights and interests, personal information security has become the whole society’s attention, illegal acquisition, sale, provides the citizen the personal information, the citizens’ personal and property, privacy, and normal work and life are a serious threat, even became an important part of telecom network fraud crime,It seriously affects the sound economic and social development and the people’s sense of security.The general public should deeply understand the importance of personal information security for national security and social stability, constantly enhance the awareness of the rule of law, pay attention to the use and protection of personal information in accordance with the law.Only with the concerted efforts of the whole society and the construction of an information security barrier can people enjoy the convenience brought by the Internet in accordance with the law, in a lasting and secure way.Source: Rule of Law Daily