“The World”, three views of the good play of the year, good causes and good results

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Since it is CCTV’s annual drama, it is undoubtedly a good play. After a closer look, it is indeed a long time without a TV drama that MAKES me so invested to watch, and it has been a long time since I saw sanguan so positive and full of positive energy.There’s nothing funny about the script or the choices of the actors.The pace of the plot is just right, neither too fast nor too slow, and each episode hits the right spot.The character of each actor is distinct, and the wonderful thing is that the character of some actors is exactly the same as the character in the play, and there is no performance trace, so that the whole play looks like no violation and no sense of play.As the main line of the Old Zhou family, neither a rich and powerful family, nor a poor family crying poverty.It was one of millions of ordinary working families in the 1960s and 1970s, and it was easy to put the audience into the drama and empathize with it.Old zhou’s life can be said to be pure as a piece of white paper, everyone is kind to others, a few sets of plot down, without each other’s cheaty fight for each other, plot has ups and downs but no accident, Zhou’s home everyone adhere to their own heart, not evil.Plot is that time ordinary people’s parents, but it is interesting to watch, like “Longing” and other classic works, let people’s thoughts can eventually return to that simple and not simple era.At the beginning of the story is more anxious, the old zhou home three children can only leave a life in the city, the rest must respond to the call, join the army to the countryside, father Zhou Zhigang also want to support the construction of the west, a good family of five had to face separation.On the choice of going to the countryside, the elder sister and the younger brother argued fiercely, both wanting to go to the countryside. The younger brother wanted to give his sister a better life, while the older sister wanted to pursue the life she wanted.Finally, elder brother Zhou Bingyi joins the army, and elder sister Zhou Rong secretly goes to guizhou to follow her lover in the countryside.The youngest brother, Zhou Bingkun, who stayed in the city to accompany her mother, was not fond of studying since he was a child.Friend Tu Zhiqiang murder was shot, in that time who met this thing will immediately and each other away from the front, for fear of getting burned, he was good, listen to Tu Zhiqiang friends a few words of persuasion, it is bound to bear the responsibility of giving Tu Zhiqiang fiancee Zheng Juan to send living expenses and take care of each other.Although Zhou Bingkun is on Zheng Juan love at first sight, but at that time workers who do not want their root red miao is, can make such a choice of people only few.It is precisely because of such love, also doomed to Zhou Bingkun’s road of life must be bumpy.But fortunately he has a kind heart, in the cold and snowy bathhouse took off the cotton-padded jacket to help the old man with broken legs to the hospital, the other party is the military academy vice president Ma Shouchang.In the alley to help help fall aunt, the result is Zheng Juan’s mother.All of them, all hint vaguely, zhou Bingkun’s kind of good cause and good fruit, this positive causality cycle guide I feel very good.And his elder brother Zhou Bingyi also is the person that the heart remembers to be grateful, because hao Dongmei father carries on improvement to the peripheral environment of their own living area, identified Hao home to oneself have grace, to Hao Dongmei is also very fond of add never abandon.Even if the army offered him a promotion condition as long as he and Hao Dongmei separated, he did not waver.It is commendable that hao Dongmei’s parents had been annotated as capitalist roaders at that time, and the old Zhou family was still willing to accept her as their daughter-in-law, nothing else, because don’t forget to be grateful for the Zhou family’s instructions.And Zhou bingyi’s motto, “the body can be tired, sick and injured, but the spirit can never be decadent”, also let people realize that people’s ideological consciousness at that time and now different.There is a role I like very much in this play, Huang Xiaolei played Qiao Haiyan, dare to love and hate, bold and vigorous, coaxing and sweet mouth honey, this character is really pleasing, I do not know why Zhou Bingkun does not like.Also admire that time without wechat messages, the feelings between men and women are not affectation, line is not line is not line, clean.But Qiao Haiyan and Zhou Bingkun hopeless, and Cao Debao good.That was a really bad one.Zhang Kaili’s qu Xiuzhen is actually just right. I don’t know why some people think she pushes too hard.At that time, Qu Xiuzhen wanted to do something practical, but her family just lost power, as a woman, do not rely on strong how to fight for a minute, really think and now the business film sitting at home to open wechat can be violent party?From qu Xiuzhen to Zhou Bingkun their attitude, she is also a heavy friendship of people, icing on the cake and help in need of help clearly separated, said not to avoid, this straightforward role is also very easy to let the audience have a good impression.Zhou Rong and Zheng Juan, in fact, these two women are doomed to fate bumpy, Although zhou Rong’s husband Feng Huacheng looks very loving at present, but according to the previous novels in this literati sentimental and unrighteous trend, Zhou Rong was abandoned results have been doomed.And Zheng Juan is a wrong step by step, and Tu Zhiqiang, Luo Shibin acquaintance was destined to her life on the wrong way, although she also love Zhou Bingkun, but because of the past also let her feel inferior, but Zhou Bingkun never abandon her, also let her future is full of hope.At present, there are a lot of branch lines have not completely spread out, the name of the official style but heavy feelings heavy righteousness of CAI Xiaoguang, the cold face of the water self-flow and the evil Spirit of Luo Shibin, they will give the plot to bring what kind of direction, to bring what kind of test to the old zhou home, are worth looking forward to.