Xi Jinping visits local officials and people in Shanxi ahead of the Spring Festival

2022-05-13 0 By

On the eve of the Spring Festival, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Shanxi.On the afternoon of June 26, he visited villagers’ homes in Fengnanyuan Village of Shizhuang Township in Huozhou city and Sangnian Town of Fenxi County. He visited villagers’ homes to learn about shanxi’s post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, replanting in autumn and winter, ensuring people’s safety and warm winter, consolidating and expanding poverty alleviation efforts, and continuing rural revitalization efforts.Producer: Shen Yong, reporter: Wang Pengfei, Peng Hanming, Xing Bin, camera: Li Zheng, Zhang Xiaopeng, Zhong Fengshi, Wei Ming, Yang Boduan, Dewen: Li Hui, Zhong Rui, Yang Lifeng, Ma Chao, recording: Xie Hongyu, Cheng Aihua, scan the following two-dimensional code to download the CCTV news client for more news