Xiangdong district to stay excellent workers to promote production

2022-05-13 0 By

Our newspaper Pingxiang news (reporter Li Jie correspondent Chen Cheng) “Xiangdong district issued a series of encouragement to support enterprises during the Spring Festival does not stop production of hard core policy, give us stable post, electricity, gas and other aspects of the subsidy, to solve our worries, we are full of confidence in the development of enterprises!”On January 30, Jiang Lingjun, deputy general manager of Jiangxi Norui Environmental Resources Technology Co., LTD., told reporters.With the Spring Festival approaching, the production line of Jiangxi Norui Environmental Resources Technology co., Ltd. is working at full speed to meet orders. Nearly 200 employees are sticking to the front-line posts to ensure that major projects and key enterprises do not stop production during the Spring Festival.This is pingxiang Xiangdong district launched the Spring Festival enterprise gift package, hit a combination of policies, the full drive to ensure a good start to the first quarter of the vivid portrayal.For the implementation of major projects during the Spring Festival is not shutdown, the key enterprises in our province do not idle work requirements, Jan. 27, xiangdong printing “xiangdong encourage support key enterprises, major projects during the Spring Festival is not stopped production measures notice, financial input is expected to hundreds of millions of yuan, clear support to key enterprises and major projects,To encourage and support enterprises to expand production and improve efficiency, stabilize employment and maintain production, we have received over 10 million yuan of support funds.Xiangdong one thousand ways to post to leave work best, to do during the Spring Festival on-the-job worker’s production and living security work, for enterprise on-the-job personnel and first-line production project during the Spring Festival over Chinese New Year red envelopes and the Spring Festival handouts are construction personnel, foreign to leave a post not arrange dormitory rent subsidies for employees, arrange for the Spring Festival culture and entertainment activities,Let the staff and project construction staff feel at ease, feel the warm and peaceful atmosphere of the festival.To encourage major projects during the Spring Festival does not shutdown, key enterprises, xiangdong power supply and living building, transportation, clubs, and other departments together to strengthen service guarantee, send you New Year benefit package enterprises, the trader mixed supply and increase the project construction sand and gravel, electricity, gas, heating, water, labor and other factors of production security, launched a series of hard nuclear policy and considerate service,Stimulate key enterprises and major projects to rush the construction period, meet the schedule and ensure operation.At present, there are 12 key industrial enterprises above designated size in the district and 6 key projects that do not stop production or stop work during the Spring Festival to ensure the steady progress of production and construction during the Spring Festival and spare no effort to promote the strong start of economic and social development in the first quarter.