Boxing County Bochang police Station: knock on the door to build a defense line against electricity fraud

2022-05-14 0 By

In order to further curb the new network telecommunications fraud illegal and criminal activities, effectively enhance the awareness of the general public and anti-fraud ability.Recently, the boxing bo chang police station residents at home in the evenings, the favorable opportunity, organization HuaYue public welfare more than 40 volunteers each residential area in the area under its jurisdiction, went from door, the door “sweep floor” to carry out the telecom network to prevent fraud “knock”, go deep among the masses to carry out the “national center for anti cheat” APP download propaganda, will anti cheat propaganda tentacles extend to the grassroots.Bo chang the police led 40 wearing “anti cheat with me, with you” ma3 jia3, hat volunteers to carry out the “knock action” according to “knock on every door will, see people will visit, not missing a home” went from door, door, the principle of “sweep floor” to carry out the telecom network to prevent fraud “knock” in the process of door-to-door campaigns, volunteers to take the crowd a comprehensible way,Detailed introduction of the “National anti-fraud center” APP functions, so that the general public in-depth understanding of the characteristics of telecom network fraud, conventional means and prevention skills, face-to-face teaching users download registration and open fraud early warning function, and remind residents to receive fraud information, timely report to the platform, heavy blow against telecom network fraud.Knock is “door”, open is “heart door”.The joint between the people and the telecom fraud knock ground action, multi-angle, multi-dimensional popularization to the masses against fraud fraud prevention knowledge, can effectively improve residents against telecom network fraud “immunity”, build a telecoms networks to prevent fraud “firewall”, to create hand in hand, between the people and the whole society to participate to prevent good atmosphere of telecom network new illegal crime,Eliminate the risk of telecom fraud from the source, and resolutely guard the “money bag” of the masses.