“Decoration master” Zhang Yimou raised the ceiling of the opening ceremony spiritual core is “Chinese taste”

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Fourteen years have passed since the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, and talented director Zhang Yimou has broken through the ceiling and raised it to a new height.No wonder wang Shuo gave Zhang Yimou such a nickname years ago: “Master of decoration”.The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics falls on the day of the start of Spring, the first of the 24 solar terms.The opening ceremony was given a Chinese opening style, with a short video of the 24 solar terms as a countdown that begins with “rain” and ends with “Start of spring”.Solar term is the most “special existence” in the comprehensive knowledge system of Chinese culture.It summarizes that the sun reaches the corresponding position in the process of annual movement, and guides people to follow nature, live regularly and eat scientifically.In a sense, the use of solar terms for the winter Olympics foreword, all of a sudden hold out the core of Chinese traditional culture.This “core confidence” at the cultural level is not created out of thin air, but based on the basic framework of “international identity”.In the international meteorological community, the 24 solar terms have been hailed as “China’s fifth invention”.On Nov 30, 2016, the 24 Solar terms were officially inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.In such a global sports festival that attracts worldwide attention, Zhang Yimou cleverly borrowed the “core meaning” of Chinese culture to start the opening ceremony switch, which is really suitable for the right time, the right place and the right people.In fact, Zhang Yimou was very complacent about this “cultural creativity” in an interview before, “The beginning of Spring is a very good omen.Full of colors always spring, there is a positive and optimistic spirit, really like the theme slogan of the Beijing Winter Olympics “together towards the future”.That was the first cultural fuze of the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics — one that burst into tears.This also makes a beautiful preheating and paving for the continuous export of Chinese culture in various scenarios and applications.With the countdown of the solar term containing “Chinese wisdom”, the Chinese people are proud of the Chinese poetry has been magnificent debut.”The wind into the night, moisten things silently”, “spring breeze such as guests, a prosperous”, “green narration is still containing powder, round he began to scatter fang”…Starting from “rain water”, each solar term corresponds to a poem, each frame is the broad and profound Chinese culture, each picture is the heroic and heroic ancestors.Especially when the huge fluorescent screen shows the “Yellow River water” pouring down from the “sky”, surging to the magnificent mountains and rivers, spurting out the cultural agitation, so that people can not help collective chanting: “You see, the water of the Yellow River comes from heaven, rushing to the sea and never coming back…”No wonder some netizens commented, “This is Chinese romance that only Chinese people can understand.”Zhang Yimou has also done this interpretation: “Romantic feelings, in fact, is the best expression of cultural confidence.People happy, live and work in peace and contentment, there is a romantic heart;When people are confident, they have a romantic heart.”In fact, it is not hard to find that “Chinese-style romance” spread everywhere in the opening ceremony: twelve different styles of fu character rolling spread, to the world to release friendly transmission of good luck.The special effects of “fu pasting upside down” will naturally make the Chinese people who just finished the ceremony smile.Contemporary fu culture scholars have pointed out that “Fu” is the oldest, most auspicious and most popular character in China.The word “fu” represents people’s yearning for a happy life and their expectation for a better future.It is also the ultimate pursuit of a complete and harmonious life.Guan Jun, the famous calligrapher who wrote the character “Fu” for the Winter Olympics, is now the president of the Chinese Calligraphy Institute of The Chinese National Academy of Arts. In 2016, He was elected as the “Cultural Ambassador of Great Powers intangible cultural Heritage Artisans”, becoming the only “Intangible cultural Heritage Ambassador” in the calligraphy field.At the same time, he is also a sports enthusiast, especially basketball.Therefore, it is only appropriate for him to make a splash on the Winter Olympics, which highlights the cultural heritage of China.His gentle gentle, natural and casual “guan Zi zi”, is the beauty of sports spirit and the beauty of the soul of Chinese characters, the Chinese character “fu” warm and elegant show incisively and vividly, see the true chapter under jade guan.The huge screen of the opening ceremony then lit up the New Year’s greetings of “Happy New Year”. Cheers filled the Bird’s Nest, and the Chinese people eating the reunion dinner in front of the TV were once again drawn into the thick joyful scene of the New Year and felt the hot smell of the New Year.This simple phrase “Happy New Year” is the supreme pursuit of well-intentioned people returning home after a busy year, and it is filled with ordinary people’s simple wishes for the beginning of the New Year.Mr. Guan Jun’s “Happy New Year” put on the camouflage of the light show, quiet in no lack of smart, more warm and warm, as if to people’s hearts loaded with a home street lamp.Many years ago, Mr. Guan Jun revealed to the media that “we calligraphers should not pay too much attention to the market price of their works. We should have cultural responsibility, breathe with the public, and grasp the pulse of The Times.”The cultural background and cultural confidence, resonant with The Times, ran through almost every chapter of the opening ceremony: the snowflake shaped guide card, design inspiration from the “Chinese knot” pattern;The tiger head hat on the head of the guide comes from the traditional tiger head pattern of hebei folk.Through the doors and Windows carved with snow and ice, you can see the beautiful rivers and mountains of China;The “Guest welcoming pine” planted in the air as a national treasure to express welcome and thanks to the guests;Dance performance “construction of a snowflake”, the interpretation of poetry fairy Li Bai poem “Yanshan snow as big as the table”……Although the opening ceremony held in the Bird’s Nest did not wear traditional Chinese costume or talk about the vicissitudes of the past five thousand years, every minute was actually full of Chinese culture. The Chinese values, aesthetics, world outlook, outlook on life and nature, as well as deeper cultural confidence, were scattered through the gap between the fingers.With the help of technological innovation, Zhang Yimou’s artistic performance and ceremony are integrated, and from the beginning of the countdown, the effect is full, gorgeous, elaborate outline of the rich smell of Chinese culture, both beautiful and advanced.It can be said that the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics visual feast, although the packaging is full of cool “modern sense”, but the core is still a solid “Chinese taste”.What it has built is a frozen and icy relationship running through China and the West, and the encounters along the way are all fascinating Chinese culture.As Zhang Yimou, the “master of cultural decoration” and chief director of the opening ceremony, said: “Every minute is Chinese thinking and Chinese wisdom.We’re talking about modernity, but I’m sure people around the world, and the audience, will see that this is also very Chinese.Because it is your origin, it is your blood, it is your skin, it is all of you, it is in you.”In this way, the world will always remember these Games as being of China as well as of the world.