Ding yi bluntly: Tianjin Li Si play network is the most real, ba Zhang’s relationship is impossible to reconcile

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Ding yi said simba is particularly high in emotional intelligence and can bear it. It is impossible to reconcile the broken glass with the abbot. You see simba’s character, or he will not fight with people and will never contact with them in his whole life.Ding said: the zhangs quarrel reconciled to already impossible, is now that simba has put everything on the MingMianEr, five brother thought can be reconciled, but I think it is good, and surface before even and we won’t have that kind of pure feeling, like simba said, broken glass back round again, he also has a crack!I’ll never feel the same way again.Reconciliation is also strategic reconciliation, which means the face and heart do not match, and to the old friends.For Simba and the abbot not to fight, that’s a good thing.Not to mention making up. Simba’s personality, or not fighting, and what does that mean?I’ll never speak to you again.You know who simba’s gonna be like after the war? No?Is it because of simba?His emotional intelligence is higher, he will endure.At ordinary times, for example, when friends are in a good place, you suddenly do something wrong, I do not necessarily say that you do this thing is not good, I will bury to the side of the belly, bit by bit accumulation, the resentment inside the belly is held back, do not show.When he one day really can’t hold back, ka, all of a sudden a roar, a fury, a fuse, all the whole out ah, some people say, two donkey and simba reconciled!Butyl one answer, two donkeys with simba, is definitely a close buddy, any point to the person’s name, ding is absolutely said their relationship are quite good, you know, what can I say that, I can say two donkeys simba is surface relationship, where I know go to ah, the somebody else is absolutely close buddy ah, is definitely a good relationship, good brothers Mimi brother!And when Simba, one day, the anger was getting worse and worse, and you were all brothers, simba?Did the abbot really do it because the abbot said Simba was “painting big cakes”?Is that all there is to it?You taste, you fine taste, it is not one thing two things, this is just a start, this is just a point of outbreak, serious to move out of the time, it is not called a thing.There’s got to be something else going on, something else going on, the Internet is fake.Internet, I think Tianjin Li Si is the most real.You see somebody else tianjin li Si directly said two days ago, I have no friends on the Internet, don’t pull with me this, that of this, NZBZ said, my old four said, we have no friends, we are not good with who relations.Some people say that simba has a long grudge, Ding yi answer, the grudge has been deep, not a day or two of the contradiction, some people say that it is the black gossip to provoke the incident, Ding yi answer, if two people feel good.Can gossip turn them on?Why is all this so-called black gossip sudden?It’s a bit of a surprise when everyone starts picking?One day there was a single family, and the next day all these bloggers who shouted “one family” started to work as abbot. No matter what happens, there must be fruit. Some people said that Li Si and the second son are friends, ding Yi replied, “The two of them are offline.Belong to is not very hard to run the Internet, such as might have had a good time, two people return, will be back to normal for you live, I guess, that is, years later, also must be replayed the ah, that even if the lining inside how strong winds more heavy rain have how many money, spend enough in my life, is absolutely nothing wrong with.But, old friends, we should accompany our family, we should broadcast!