Gansu drama Aurora pays tribute to Qin Dahe, “the first person in China to create icy snow”

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There is one person who realized the freedom of using snow in today’s Beijing Winter Olympics, he is Qin Dahe.Gansu Provincial Theater of Culture and Tourism is rebroadcasting the drama aurora, a behind-the-scenes hero of the Beijing Winter Olympics, in an online broadcast, reporters learned Thursday.What was the hardest thing about the Beijing Winter Olympics?It’s artificial snow.You know what?China won the bid for the 2015 Winter Olympics, but failed to produce a qualified “ice snow” track.Before that, Chinese athletes had to train abroad because there was no qualified “ice snow” track.The Beijing Winter Olympics could not be held successfully without qualified ice snow.Freedom in order to achieve the winter with snow, the famous glaciologist, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mr Qin joined in lanzhou northwest ecological environment resources research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, has formed by scientific research institutes, universities, ice and snow ski resorts and businesses as the main body of the snow for security research team, shoulder made “ice snow” crucial task of scientific research.For several years, Qin dahe and his team worked for more than 10 hours a day in the cold of minus 20 degrees Celsius, finally breaking through the difficult artificial snow technology and truly realizing the freedom of snow for the Winter Olympics.The drama aurora was written by the famous scriptwriting yao Yunhuan and Zhang Ming, directed by the famous domestic director Chen Xinyi, and performed by qi Baoquan, Chang Guishun, Zhou Xinpu, Qi Guixuan, Su Tingshi, Zhu Heng and other drama performing artists. It was awarded the “Five One Project” prize and the first prize of Dunhuang Literary Award by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee in 1994.The play acura, Mr Qin in the early 1990 s and Britain, the United States, France, Soviet union, Japan and other countries international walk across the Antarctic expedition scientists, lasted 219 days and travel 6000 kilometers, the complete human feat, hiking through the South Pole for the first time is known as the human after the conquest of the North Pole and mount Everest’s “the last time to conquer”.As a member of the international expedition team, Qin Dahe, with a strong sense of national pride, withstood the test of life and death in Antarctica, which is not suitable for the survival of warm-blooded animals, and excelled in completing the expedition and scientific research tasks.They imprinted Chinese footprints on the South Pole, making outstanding contributions to mankind’s peaceful use of the continent.He became the “first person in China to cross the Antarctic”, the “first person in China to win the Volvo Environmental Prize”, and the first person in China to make “ice snow”.Li Chaotu, chief media reporter of Lanzhou Daily, edited by The Provincial Culture and Tourism Bureau