Guangzhou housing prices fell two, thirty thousand real estate market in Guangzhou, Guangzhou property market Spring Festival data

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Guangzhou property market is not strong enough, when the Spring Festival guangzhou second-hand housing prices are rising, the results can not keep up now.Guangzhou property market those landlords want to guangzhou second-hand housing to carry a high price to sell out, this difficulty is relatively high.The supply of the current guangzhou property market is too large, whether it is new or second-hand housing, guangzhou’s second-hand housing supply is a more, a more supply, housing prices want to rise, it is too difficult.Some time ago, guangzhou real estate market also has news that in 2022, guangzhou real estate market demolition and construction, the number will be greatly reduced, which will make Guangzhou real estate market reduce a large number of newly needed buyers, and without these hands and money, and have a house ticket, guangzhou housing price will lack a great driving force.And when the demolition probability of old and small demolition in Guangzhou is reduced, the value of old and small demolition will become lower.Some people said that every year a large number of young people into guangzhou, said the young man will be in guangzhou to buy a house, and, in fact, although the population of guangzhou is more inflows, but guangzhou house prices are not low, these young people even want to stay in guangzhou, but also can not buy a house in guangzhou, only housing demand, just need to be without money, just need to not be effective.In 2021, guangzhou house price rise is too high, Guangzhou house price has not been in place, buyers in Guangzhou to buy a house, or to be careful.Uncle Peng interpretation of the first and second tier cities 14 five plan something to ask Uncle Peng 160 yuan to buy a column to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Uncle Peng said the property market # Guangzhou #