Japanese netizens comment on the Opening ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-05-14 0 By

Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony is so crowded, I don’t know what to say!The opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games was not tricked with the elegance of celebrities and fireworks, but with the performance of children and ordinary young people, through AI projection mapping and LED, adding beautiful color to the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games!Pageantry is not everything.The opening ceremony glimpsed the differences in directors, which simply emerged as the differences in the best national forces.It’s very solemn and beautiful.I salute China for its fascination with such a complex ceremony.Not only the economy and technology, but also the culture had reached the bottom, and I realized that I was a world power.This will be the Beijing Olympics, and I believe Japan will never catch up.The opening ceremony was wonderful, everyone was smiling – the world was one, it was peaceful at that time, and the children were lovely too!As long as we are on the same planet, can’t we pass on a moment of peace to our children unless we help each other.I hope to achieve world peace through the Olympics.I thought the practice for the opening ceremony was great.Simple, easy to understand, no extra talent coming out, I feel this is a winter celebration, it is fresh, because I think I will do fancy.There is no theme and no space in Japan, so how about just small dramas.I am too small sadly, Japan now insists on interests.The opening ceremony made China’s present strength and sense of unity as a nation feel good or bad.