Qin Yi celebrates her 100th birthday in Shanghai

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Jan 31 is the 100th birthday of Qin Yi, a famous Chinese film performance artist who won the national honorary title of “People’s Artist”.Although more than a year ago, according to China’s traditional customs, Shanghai Film Group has celebrated the centennial birthday of the old man, now the official arrival of the 100th birthday, literary and art circles and the public are concerned about the film industry of the elder statesman of both virtue and art.Qin Yi was born in Shanghai on January 31, 100 years ago.After the founding of The People’s Republic of China, Qin Yi starred in films such as Railway Guerrilla and Song of Youth, creating a number of popular screen images.Through a century, Qin Yi’s life ups and downs, early from the feudal family run away, set foot on the road of anti-japanese salvation, and later actively engaged in the anti-japanese rear area of the progressive performing arts.In Chongqing, she was one of the survivors of the Japanese bombing.In the 1960s, she suffered from cancer, but was treated quickly and gradually recovered.She often says that she has “walked back” several times from the “close of death”, so she knows more about today’s happiness is not easy.After China’s reform and opening-up, she still devoted herself to film and television creation, while taking care of her son, who was seriously ill, and often participated in public welfare activities.In 2014, when she was in her 90s, she landed on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and wrote and acted by the Qinghai Lake, fulfilling her film dream of shooting the legendary story of female scientists.Qin Yi (second from right) poses at the opening ceremony of the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival.The octogenarian actor niu, who calls himself “xiao Lao di,” praised Qin, saying she is a miracle of life and a banner.Qin Yi is also one of niu’s introducers to join the Chinese Communist Party.”She thinks life is meaningful if she doesn’t stop working.She can enjoy life more when she is working.”Tong Ruixin, the head of the actor troupe, young actor said.On the afternoon of January 29, Wang Jianer, chairman of Shanghai Film Group, Wang Jun, president of Shanghai Film Group visited Qin Yi at Huadong Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, and brought her birthday wishes from the publicity department, film department and the whole group.The Shanghai Film Actors’ Troupe also expressed its sympathy to the elderly in many ways.Hear the blessing sound, Qin Yilian said “good!Good!Good!”And her color is getting more rosy.The fancy carving snacks prepared by the medical staff for Qin Yi.It is reported that Qin Yi has been taken good care of by the medical staff and staff of Huadong Hospital since her hospitalization. She is in good health now. People wish that the flower of longevity in The Chinese film hundred Garden will stay young forever.Reporter: Xu Xiaoqing