Reap 1.5 billion!Watergate Bridge took up 42% of the Chinese New Year’s box office

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Hot select TELEplay ranking: this life has you at the bottom, ace troops fell to the fourth, the world only the second Li Yifeng “Mirror Twin Cities” : ancient male god overturned behind, he is the biggest winner Beyond “Silent years” why is forbidden song?It is not because of any sensitive points touched on the Spring Festival holiday has unconsciously arrived on the third day of the year, the Spring Festival prime time film box office after a few days of fierce competition, “Changjin Lake Water Gate Bridge” as expected, is easily more than 1.5 billion yuan, leading other domestic blockbusters.As the Chinese box office champion “Changjin Lake” sequel “Changjin Lake Watergate Bridge” is produced by Chen Kaige, Tsui Hark, Chao-hsien Lin, tsui Hark directed, Wu Jing, Yi Yangqian-Xi led, Duan Yihong special starring, Zhang Hanyu friendship starring, Zhu Yawen, Li Chen, Han Dongjun, Du Chun, Geng Le starring.# # movie in the second battle of the war to resist the long battle of lake as the background, the story at the end of the fight sinhung-ni and hagaru-ri had seven LianZhanShi they ended up getting more arduous task facing more challenge and more fierce fire, they will be in the American marines teacher retreat route throat – gate bridge over the enemy, the task will be more difficult,The battle scenes will be more intense, and the enormous sacrifices made to win will be more emotional.The success of “Chojin Lake” series is inseparable from the excellent quality of the film itself. After watching “Watergate Bridge”, many audiences have expressed that compared with the previous films, “Watergate Bridge” is better in both narrative rhythm and plot advancement. Excellent films can not be separated from the following three points:In Changjin Lake, Lei Gong, played by Hu Jun, died while protecting his comrades. Qianli Brothers and Mei Sheng and other comrades continued to move forward with Lei Gong’s will and firm faith, although they were exhausted by the wind and frost.General Smith realized that the mighty 1st Marine division would be buried at Chojin Lake if he didn’t get his troops out in time, and the watergate bridge became a necessity for the American ace.And blowing up the Watergate Bridge became the key to the success of the Chojin Lake Campaign.To this end song Shi-lun general issued a death order: at all costs will be blown up the Watergate Bridge, at one fell swoop to annihilate the 1st Marine division.The soldiers of 7 companies after receiving an order, will face is this into the most severe war since.Second, “the long jin lake,” the fate of the protagonist affects the heart as the “long jin lake” in tripterygium wilfordii sacrifice, let a lot of audience shed tears of grief and love dearly, also let the fate of the protagonist in you to stay in the audiences’ hearts the biggest suspense, many audiences in the movie is arms to know whether or not the leading role of “long jin lake” sacrifice again?How to achieve the ultimate victory?To watch the Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake.Mei Sheng is a highly educated Shanghai man who always carries a photo of his daughter. With a strong bookish spirit, he finally chooses to take the photo in his mouth and drive his caterpillar car to the Water Gate Bridge in a desperate bid.Disposition cheerful and lively firepower platoon platoon long yu Congrong, be hit by machine gun bullet helmet lucky escape after however desperate ground attracts enemy bomber group firepower…Battlefield 100 hair 100 in sniper flat river is beside comrade-in-arms after dying one after another, the body bore more responsibility to go forward without turning back…Wu Qianli and Wu Wanli brothers with 7 comrain-in-arms with the lives of “the fight is played, don’t let the descendants play” the firm belief has been fighting…The history of the war ignited the fire in our hearts. Such spiritual power united all of us, and the warm blood infected every audience watching the film.In order to truly reflect the actual situation of the war against the epidemic in Chosin Lake,Both the Type 38 rifles, Chinese formal rifles, the relatively backward equipment such as the US M2 60mm mortars, the Japanese Type 92 infantry guns and mountain guns, and the ADVANCED weapons such as the US.30 heavy machine guns, 105mm grenade shells, 60mm mortars and tanks are restored in fine detail.Even the frozen potatoes that our soldiers ate, the hot coffee of the Us soldiers, the chocolate chewing gum and the canned beans are all depicted one by one, while the hands covered with frostbite, the swollen face and the bloodshot eyes are all restored without missing a bit.All the cast and crew braved temperatures of dozens of degrees below zero and kept shooting for months to bring us this wonderful work.Let us feel the prosperity of the Spring Festival in the thousands of brilliant lights today, finally as the martyrs wish, but also cherish this hard-won happy life.