Lin update su Yiming two people are familiar with the propaganda, Qiao Shan Zhang Teng face athletes, three people were ceng heat

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Recently, the Winter Olympic Games are in full swing, people not only pay attention to the Winter Olympic Games, but also pay attention to the performance of the athletes.Many star entertainers in the entertainment industry are also paying attention to the Winter Olympics. Before the Winter Olympics, there were many stars recording MV for the Winter Olympics, and now the official audience is naturally many.Athletes who win MEDALS receive a lot of good wishes and praise. Celebrities in the entertainment industry also cheer the athletes, or send messages of good wishes or comments.On Feb 13, comedian Qiao Shan posted a picture of Jin Boyang skating on his social media platform, saying, “Let me show you what I’ve been doing lately.”Look carefully at this photo, Qiao Shan will change his head to Jin Boyang body.As a comedian, Qiao Shan’s performance in “The King of Bathing” was well recognized, and “Foot Washing City” became a popular hit at that time. Before that, he appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala with good acting skills.From the point of view of jin Boyang original picture, Qiao Shan P photos without a sense of harmony, full sense of joy.The winter Olympics athletes represent the country to participate in the competition, some netizens questioned Qiao Shan “is it really good to photoshoot like this”, and many netizens thought qiao Shan rubbed too much heat.Qiao shan deleted the photos after many netizens questioned her.Su Yiming, 17, became China’s youngest winter Olympic champion after winning the gold medal in the men’s snowboard platform final today. Watching Su yiming’s competition, you can see that his mentality is super steady, and the gold medal was decided after the second jump.The gold was Su’s second medal of the Games.After su won the silver medal in the men’s snowboard slopestyle on Feb. 7, the judges said they had made a mistake and su should have done better.Now with a gold medal and a silver medal, su yiming, 17, has endless possibilities for the future.After Su won, netizens flooded the comment section with good wishes for him.”Congratulations Sue!Deserved champion “, “come up the first jump is outside turn 1800 plus catch board tail really have been handsome to!It was a blockbuster!”The gold medal was the best present su yiming, 17, gave her 18-year-old self.Before becoming a professional athlete, Su also acted in movies and TV shows. He played Xiao Supi in The Taking of Tiger Mountain, which starred Lin Gengxin, so the two met at an early age.Since 2014, Su yiming has been updating his daily life, New Year’s greetings, morning and night wishes on social platforms. As a child, he has been updating his daily life when he meets happy events, but Lin hasn’t replied to any of them.After Su’s victory today, Lin didn’t send his best wishes in the comments section like other netizens. Instead, he wrote: “I’m familiar with him. Send me up.”Lin’s comments have caused many online complaints, with both Su’s fans and passers-by accusing Lin of riding the wave.”Don’t ceng, xiao Ming a few days ago gold medal was black you how don’t talk, now ceng come”, “also not red pour like ceng, somebody else before gold medal was stolen, you how don’t help him beg a statement”, there are net friend shout Lin update “good luck first send a sentence of blessing”.Lin gengxin is known for his true nature in the entertainment industry, so this comment may have come off the cuff, but I think I should give My best wishes to Su first.It may have been an offhand joke, but Lin’s comment left a bad impression on many Internet users, causing him to lose popularity with the public.After Su won, Zhang Teng, a former contestant on the talent show, posted a series of photos on his social media platform, in which he congratulated Su on winning the title and said he could skate well, too.What stands out is that in one of his four photos, he refaces Su yiming.It would have been better if Zhang had simply posted a message wishing Su a victory, but the face change caused many netizens to complain that it was an act of disrespecting athletes.Under the criticism of netizens, Zhang Teng deleted the dynamic.Athletes representing their countries compete, which attracts a lot of Chinese people’s attention. In the past, athletes won the gold MEDALS in the Olympic Games, and some stars also sent blessings to them. People mainly give blessings and encouragement, such as the interaction between Huang Xiaoming and Chen Meng in the Olympic Games last year.Every athlete in the Olympic Games strength and mentality have gone through a great test, after they win the first blessing should be expressed, if not the award should also encourage support.As a public figure, we should pay more attention to the appropriate words when cheering for the athletes. Finally, congratulations to Su Yiming again!Dry ice mound mound after sun volunteers, Bai Jingting by netizens, is accused of showing off excessive Song Yaxuan send high school class teacher desk calendar, the design feels full, the teacher said it would return the photo “four seas” word of mouth, li-ying zhao for their propaganda, but by the netizen 30 shaw war eve and the photos, cutting board and sink small detail, deeply loves the life hammer “the home has children” the sequel,Only You Hao Ran, can reproduce the classic childhood?