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Hui Xianya Sinology more than ten years of focus on children sinology education.It has an independent sinology characteristic curriculum system produced by front-line teachers.With the integration of Sinology and five fields of early childhood literacy courses;It has a nine-year compulsory education school integrating Sinology and education within the system, which is a benchmark brand in the field of Sinology.And to “zhi dao, according to virtue, according to benevolence, swim in art” for the teaching purpose.Relying on 14 years of excellent traditional culture teaching and research experience precipitation is now opened – Hui Xian Ya national art literacy Center.★ More than 15 years of leading teachers in the field of Chinese arts, teaching teachers more than five years of teaching experience.★ Focus on cultivating children’s good morality, mind and behavior habits, shaping gentleman personality.★ Focus on students’ moral, intellectual, physical, labor and five education goal development requirements, cultivate children’s moral and ability.★ To help children adapt to the future society, promote lifelong learning and achieve all-round development.★ Take children to learn art through light attitude to face life, taste the great wisdom of excellent traditional culture, ★ adhere to the child-centered, stimulate the inner power and potential of children’s growth.★ Let children experience art through games and the mentality of appreciating and playing, pure and happy investment.”Hui Xianya calligraphy course to calligraphy into tao, thus through the connection between human and natural everything, and then shape the connotation of personality;At the same time, learning calligraphy skills, aiming at children’s psychological characteristics, supplemented by cultural and artistic appreciation, improve aesthetic appreciation ability, and then help people to cultivate their minds and correct themselves.By integrating the writing rules of calligraphy with beauty, children can experience more aesthetic connotations and the essence of traditional Chinese culture through rich classroom forms.Course harvest three basic characteristics of perseverance, confidence, has the temperament of the six basic ability to read, copy, verification, to remember and enter, create del recruit students object, aged 6-14 del curriculum enlightenment stage (zero based) and learning stage (basic) QiZhi stage (high) del course content enlightenment stage: eight method and pen line, word learning phase:Seal script “Plain Room Ming” iron line body and jade jin body two big regular script creation stage: learning regular script “Nine into the Palace tablet” seal book yi Mountain tablet, Li Script “Shi Chen tablet” go course course by teaching the law, develop professional skills, improve the level of chess;Through go, we can improve the quality and ability of children, let them learn more efficient behavior and thinking mode, help them clarify the level of the world and clues of life, understand and improve the pattern of life.Not only teach weiqi skills, but also pay attention to the cultivation of children’s behavior habits, mental inspiration and civilization inheritance.So as to comprehensively improve students’ comprehensive ability, cultivate children’s cultural literacy, and make Go a lifelong hobby.Subject: 6-14 years old; Curriculum: Elementary class (4-6 years old); elementary class (6-14 years old);The course harvest enlightenment thinking, exercise the mind, edify sentiment.Improve image thinking and logical thinking.Enhance mechanical memory and comprehension memory.”The martial arts course combines the characteristics of Chinese martial arts for young children, and integrates the culture of ritual and filial piety, poetry and virtue in the excellent traditional Chinese culture.The content of self-protection and strong body should be integrated into education and teaching.It aims to stimulate children’s interest in martial arts, and at the same time, let children learn in fun, so that children both inside and outside the training, for children’s physical, intellectual, moral, beauty and other aspects of healthy development.Del recruit students object more than 4 years old del curriculum enlightenment class (4 to 6 years old) and learn class (more than 7 years old) del painted course content martial arts background (techniques, footwork, kicks, the vigor, etc.) to end the martial arts music, ancient boxing, boxing painted painted such as physical fitness, skills, quality of martial music is held (activities, relax the) del course harvest enhanced physique, improve the comprehensive quality.Master martial arts basic skills, competition regulations and traditional martial arts boxing, equipment, martial arts exercises, ancient poetry boxing and other routines to form personalized skills and specialties.To cultivate the students’ understanding of wushu etiquette and interest in physical exercise, improve the awareness of self-protection and self-training.Improve and improve students’ mental and physical deficiencies, and promote physical and mental health development.1. The common brush of calligraphy class is used frequently;The wastage will be worse.Middle and above students are advised to use their own writing brushes.2. The number of newly opened classes refers to the newly opened class period. If you join an already opened class, the class can be opened immediately without any limit on the number of students.3. The longest waiting time is one month. If the class does not start after one month, you can get a full refund.Address: North of West Sanqi Bridge, Huilongguan Street, Changping District, Beijing