What is the essence of life?

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What is the essence of life?Someone says it is desire, someone says it is right, someone says it is money beauty…..What do you think is the essence of life, welcome to leave your opinion!First, why bother to understand the nature of life?From the point of view of natural science, the essence of life is: metabolism;Breeding;Reproductive differentiation and its additivity.As one of the highest living beings on earth, each of us should think seriously and understand the essence of life seriously.There are more than 7 billion individuals on this planet, and understanding the nature of life can help you better develop a valuable outlook on life and values. It can help you better move up the pyramid of limited resources and live a meaningful life.If we don’t understand the nature of life, we are just like a zombie. We spend the short 100 years in a rut. Life is meaningless.Take the animal food chain: frogs, snakes, eagles.Frogs are at the bottom of the food chain, at the bottom of the food chain, what can frogs do to survive in this food chain?(Consider: If you were the head of a frog, what would you do to keep your colony alive?).One way is to beg the snake for mercy, but the snake will not spare the frog when it needs food, otherwise the snake will starve to death and the snake population will die out (for this single food chain).One way is to breed so many frogs that the snakes can’t eat them all, so that the species can continue.The frogs to survive in the process of this method of blooms, the only way is to deal with the enemy the snake’s struggle, unless one day, a frog or a part of the frog was struck by lightning, gene mutation, evolution, evolved than an eagle, then the frog more and more of the gene, until one day, the evolution of the frog,He pressed the snake down to the ground and looked at it.Frogs multiply before they mutate, and quantitative changes increase the chance of qualitative, or genetic, changes.From the snake’s point of view, frogs are their food source. They don’t eat them all at once, but like fish, they fatten up the fish and then catch them and eat them. There are more and more fish in the pond, and they are eaten.In the same way, a snake before an eagle is like a frog before a snake.On the other hand, if frogs do not reproduce in large numbers, or if there is no other way to prevent snakes from eating them up, then the species will become extinct, and the genes of the frog race will disappear from the ecosphere of the earth.Similarly, as human beings, an individual of human beings, if the individual cannot find a good way or channel to pass on their genes, then the genes of the individual will become extinct on the earth, and the same is true for a family.It’s about how well your genes are passed on. It’s important to have a deep understanding of the nature of life.What is the essence of life?Let’s not take the rest of the earth for a moment, but the history of our species.Slave society, slave owners control the vast majority of the resources of the society, due to the limited productivity, resources are also very limited, limited resources can only be used by slave owners, slave owners all systems are for better inheritance of their own blood.In the harsh natural environment, the limited resources can only be used for the blood inheritance of slave owners, the majority of slaves were eliminated by the natural society.With the improvement of productivity, social resources available to more and more, have more than slave owners can control category, a growing number of additional resources flow to the part of the slave’s hands slowly, with this part of the people more and more, they accumulate resources began to slowly over the resources of the slave owners, slave owners see their dominant position,More and more stringent rules are being made to limit the growth of these people’s resources.This segment of the population is increasingly dissatisfied with resources, resulting in a struggle between the two classes.Human civilization is an iterative process of productive forces. In the end, those with advanced productive forces defeated those with backward productive forces.In the same way, capitalism, on behalf of more people, triumphed over feudalism.China is a socialist country, which represents the interests of the vast majority of the citizens of this land.Our country is still in the primary stage of development of socialism, means a long period of time can’t meet demand assignment of the communist society, in this long period of time, to resources is limited, can’t absolutely equal to meet all of our country at the same time, this means that the people of the country’s more value to social development, as encouragement,Society assigns corresponding resources.It means that over a long period of time, some people can get better social resources, while others may be eliminated by the society.The socialist system, compared with the capitalist system, is better in the early stage of the socialist system, the state will provide the same access to better social environment and conditions for most people, which is not available in all other capitalist countries.In a capitalist system, it’s very difficult for people at the bottom to move up.In socialist countries, the probability of moving up from the grassroots level is far greater than in capitalist societies.The essence of life can be summarized as a process in which a living body continuously evolves in a higher direction according to the environment in order to better perpetuate its genes.What can we do as individuals, and how should we do it?Everyone’s environment and background is different. There is no specific method to tell you how to go and do it, but there are three important ways to start.First, find out why you are living your life. What are you really living for? Do you want to spend your life in ignorance or settling in, or do you want to make a career, or do you want to promote your family and contribute to your country?And so on.Second, understand the situation you’re in.What resources you currently have, what resources you need to achieve your goals, and how to get them.Third, to maximize their own cognitive and thinking.The best way to improve their own cognition and thinking is to learn + exchange + use.There are more about these three points, which will be explained one by one later.Well, this time to stop here, we will say again next time!