Xi Yue cloud on the state-owned enterprise five ring axis daxing old Palace Nanhaizi Park next to the wide screen custom luxury house

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Xiyue Cloud living general · first · Poly, the five ring axis · Park landscape · wide screen custom luxury house.As the representative brand of real estate in Beijing for more than 30 years, Beijing Residence General, constantly pursues “excellent quality” from the first urban commercial complex residence in the Old Palace to vanke Square to a series of high-end quality mansions,From the cover of the city of the future to the magnificent and luxurious book of The City of the Future, which embodies the determination of deep cultivation of the old Palace, the “urban Renaissance officer”, Beijing is the first to deeply integrate brand values into the development process of Beijing from the Olympic Village, to the National Stadium,Each building is a name card of the city. In the old Palace, xiyuecheng County, Xiyuecheng Forest language, Hejincheng Garden and Xiyuecheng Cloud have been successively constructed, which is not only the iterative upgrading of human settlements, but also the dual advancement of urban appearance and quality life.China poly group system of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council shall administer the large central enterprises in 1992, approved by the State Council and the central military commission set up business in more than 100 domestic cities and subsoil Beijing 19 years, nearly 100 countries around the world operates in residential, apartments, office buildings, commercial complexes, and other fields covered cities including Beijing, zhangjiakou, baotou,It has developed more than 60 boutique projects. Poly Group ranks 174th in the Fortune Global 500 and Poly Development Holdings ranks 201th in the World by Forbes.Located in the southeast of the intersection of Jiugong Fifth Ring road and Dexian Road, Daxing District, Beijing, Poly Xiyue Yunshang is selling residential products with 70-year property rights.The residence manager will first open Poly Xiyue Cloud, planning 278 wide-screen luxury houses with 106-152 square floors for three to four bedrooms. The total sales price is expected to be 7-10 million yuan/set.Two floors and two households, with a plot ratio of 2.5.Located in Daxing District, The southeast corner of the Intersection of the South Fifth Ring Road and Beijing-Taiwan Expressway;Jingkai Expressway, Nanzhong Axle Road, Dexian Road, Jingtai Expressway;Fast links to Daxing Modern Service New City, Yizhuang Industrial New City, aviation new City and Beijing’s major economic development.Project location map project basic situation dish name: xian yue cloud project types: residential project categories: small high-rise project location: Beijing, south rings, fixed number of year of the property rights of one’s post to better men: 70 developers: Beijing ZhuZong holding the land, the first real estate, poly development time: may make standard room: 2021 hardcover floor: 12 to 15 layers of high:2.95m elevator: two stairs two families parking: 1:1.2 Plot ratio: 2.5 Green Rate: 30% Floor area: 25,600 ㎡ GFA: 64,000 ㎡ Municipal heating: Central heating Property Company: Poly Property Area: About 106-152㎡ Total number of households: commercial housing 278 Families Average price of project:About 65,000 / square meters in sale area: 106㎡ three bedrooms, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, 106 three bedrooms: 6.8 million to 7 million 115㎡ three bedrooms, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, 115 three bedrooms: 7.5 million about 152㎡ four bedrooms, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, 152 four bedrooms, 9.6 million to 10 million model roomDream home city yue – xian yue cheng county, xian yue Chen zhao, xian yue Lin, xian yue cloud project, chief characteristics of residential products in the market, we should first open in raising the quality of the city, a solid pace, in the process of constructing living dream practice more with the high-end product quality, highlight responsibility values and character of the state-owned enterprise to express the cloud system:Healthy, efficient and intelligent cloud system — the advantage of “cloud system” is to occupy the unique resource advantage of the city in the site selection, which represents the future center of the city and the direction of the development potential.At the same time, cloud is also deep comfort, deep luxury, representing the rich and progressive level of good life paradigm.As a representative product of Poly Real Estate’s good living system, it is also a high-end residential work created by Poly with great concentration.A good architecture is bound to evolve with The Times with a new thinking of The Times.Xiyue Yun modern aesthetic architecture, with simple lines, transparent glass curtain wall, elegant international texture, as its aesthetic thinking and expression of the world’s architectural aesthetic trend.Pattern: double block, the design of axisymmetric, wai jewels point layout direction: northern and southern dynasties towards, enjoy the south to the sunshine and the optimal window wall than normal: dislocation method design, avoid bringing lit and keep out the facade: classic three-step, aesthetic construction of contemporary urban aesthetics skyline at ease with age: four convenient unlock combination, face recognition, infrared electronic fence system health:Central air conditioning, fresh air system, whole house front + rear water purification, wisdom: three-floor double hollow low-E glass, indoor intelligent system private: two stairs and two households, independent elevator hall width: super-scale wide screen planning, about 6 meters wide static boundary view: fully bright pattern, about 270° viewing space in the master bedroom:Independent porch, LDKB integration of eat hutch guest, with frequency world level between domestic home garden design essence, delicate to enjoy gardening life garden planning: axial layout, six habitat home, 4 courts all ages interaction: all ages landscape design, hardcover design: we need to meet all of age lives Tang Zhonghan, to create mood and story landscape space design:Shenzhen Aoya, beautiful residential mansion landscape architecture design: Shanghai Hope, custom architectural aesthetics construction of soft decoration and lighting design: Ceridip, elegant and diverse taste creation.Regional planning Beijing South Central Axis ecological park south central axis core plate, sit to enjoy the “south of the city action plan” development dividend, state-owned central enterprises, national heavy enterprises have been introduced;Headquarters base, CBD, financial Street business district, south of the city action plan support;Daxing Airport landing operation;Residential housing, Shoukai, Poly, China Shipping, Jin MAO, Greentown, Greenland and other brand housing enterprises have entered, land auction land price “jump”, together to create a mature supporting value highland.”South City Action Plan” (2021-2025) to formulate “one axis, two zones, multi-point” development strategy: “One axis” : south central axis and its extension line;”Two zones” : the transformation zone of scientific and technological innovation achievements in the south and the Yongding River culture zone in xishan (southern section);”Multi-point” : “Yizhuang Economic Development Zone”, “Daxing International Airport Airport Economic Zone” and other key functional areas.”One Axis” : on the “great Power” culture: museum group, central Ballet Art Center, China Acrobatic Art Center and other major cultural facilities;Industry: 400 billion yuan industrial clusters in biotechnology and big health, new generation of information technology, information technology application innovation, robotics and high-end equipment;Medical treatment: Beijing Stomatological Hospital New District, Peking University First Hospital Chengnan District and other hospital education: Beijing Fourth Experimental School (Daxing District) and other 21 schools, adding more than 30,000 degrees after the completion of ecological:Nanyuan Forest wetland Park, city-level park — Nanhaizi Wetland Park and other Xiyue Cloud on this hot land of breeding the future of the city, deduce the new light of the sky in the axis era.Supporting commercial facilities: 15-minute living circle;Comprehensive commercial areas include Vanke Square, Aegean Shopping Plaza (Hema Fresh), Yizhuang Creative Life Plaza (with Wal-mart Sam’s Club) and Old Palace Mall.More than 10,000 square meters of commercial life supporting facilities, leisure, entertainment, catering, one-stop convenient experience.Education: Nine-year education resources, Demao Middle School, Jiugong Middle School, Jiugong No. 1 Primary School, Jiugong Experimental Primary School, Beijing No. 12 Qian Xuesen School, Beijing Aerospace Middle School, international schools: SMIC;Poly Xi Yue Lin Language, Jin Cheng Yuan Kindergarten.Transportation facilities: close to the South fifth Ring Road, about 700 meters away;Surrounding Jingkai Expressway, Nanzhong Axle Road, Dexian Road and shunda, the main city of the new airport expressway;About 30 minutes to Daxing International Airport;It takes about 15 minutes to walk to Demao Station of Metro Line 8 and Wufu Tang.Yizhuang Line Jiugong Station is about 4 km, S6 Line Xingyi Road station;There are many bus lines within 500 meters: BRT Line 1, 341 road, 453 Road, 526 Road, 953 Road, 555 Road.Ecological environment: It is close to nanhaizi Park, the largest wetland park in Beijing, with a total area of 11.65 square kilometers, equivalent to 4 Summer Palace and 2 Olympic Forest parks. Surrounded by abundant fresh oxygen, life returns to its natural origin.Medical care: The General Aerospace Hospital is 10 minutes away by car;20 minutes drive to tiantan Hospital;About 5-8 km to The South of Tongren Hospital, Nanyuan Hospital;The integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine hospital is 10 minutes away by car.(1) Double high set light luxury architectural aesthetics, guarding the south axis of Beijing, next to the fifth Ring road is a rare luxury house with wide curtain;② It is close to Demao Station of Metro Line 8;The largest wetland park in Asia – Nanhaizi Park;(3) International team operating light luxury life;(4) Intelligent community;The garden space is borrowed from the classic, from the royal garden, to create an axis of six, one: cloud, two: cloud shade, three: cloud path, four: cloud to, five: cloud travel, six: cloud.⑥ Poly Property, “family and hospital”, full-time service response;Customized private services and other multi-dimensional worship services.⑦ Only 278 seats of quality products, specially customized to improve the residential area.