Curious, girl head card guardrail!Demolition, fire emergency rescue

2022-05-16 0 By

Peninsula all media reporter Sun Guidong On February 8 at 14:30, chengyang district fire rescue brigade command center received a report that chengyang street a hot pot restaurant near the child head card guardrail, Chuncheng Road fire rescue station immediately rushed to the scene disposal.Arriving at the scene, fire and rescue personnel found the girl face down with her head wedged between the iron barriers.After the scene inquiry learned that the girl was playing in the guardrail, out of curiosity put his head into the gap of the guardrail, resulting in the head can not be pulled out.”Are you all right now?Can the children move?We can drill the head forward a little bit so that we can operate.”Rescuers were in constant communication with the girl’s parents.After emergency consultation, the scene commander decided to use shear pliers to break the railing, because of the fear of the girl, the fire rescue personnel while comforting the little girl, while allowing its parents to cover the little girl’s head with clothes, to prevent the rescue process suddenly stood up and caused two injuries.Finally, the trapped girl was rescued.In this, the fire department to remind the masses, adults to watch children, pay attention to their safety, education children do not go over the fence, fence, etc., to prevent accidents.