Fuzhou Changle Airport parking lot charge how much money a day, Fuzhou Changle airport parking lot charge standard

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On March 4, it was learned from the municipal Natural resources and Planning Bureau that the compilation result of Fuzhou Urban Comprehensive Transportation Plan (2020-2035) was approved by the municipal government’s executive meeting.Aiming at supporting the construction of Fuzhou metropolitan area and “six cities”, the Plan proposes to speed up the construction of “Sea Silk” international hub airport and regional international hub port, improve the transportation hub function of provincial capital cities, and build a regional transportation center leading the metropolitan area.By 2025, fuzhou Station, Fuzhou South Station and Changle Airport comprehensive transportation hub will be built. After Changle Airport is connected to F1 rail line, it will take about 30 minutes from the main city to the Comprehensive hub of Changle Airport.Logistics parks such as Danyang, Duwu, Jiangyin Port area, Luoyuanwan Port area and Changle Airport are all planning multimodal transport facilities;Major ports are planning the introduction of railway branch lines.Next, Xiaoqiang will introduce fuzhou Changle Airport parking fees and parking strategies to help you better choose your favorite parking place and save a lot of parking fees!Fuzhou changle airport parking fee standards within 15 minutes, parking free, 2 hours is 10 yuan, 3 yuan per half an hour, after timing parking lot cap is 60 yuan for 24 hours, 24 hours overnight parking lot cap charges 40 YuanFuZhou changle airport parking lot timing introduction fuzhou airport parking lot, no. 1 and no. 2 for the night in the parking lot,Provide you with convenient parking service.The parking lot is located in the plaza in front of the terminal building. The 24-hour overnight parking lot no.1 and no.2 is located in the northeast of the terminal building. The service time is 24 hours.The parking lot adopts non-charging service, providing non-inductive payment, wechat, Alipay and other charging methods.Fuzhou changle airport money parking strategy within the fuzhou changle airport parking price is high, certainly hope can save a province on parking, recommend can choose to park your car in proprietary surrounding the fuzhou changle airport parking lot, basically in the range of 1 ~ 5 km from the airport, and the price is an average 15 to 20 yuan a day, and the price also includes limousine service,It’s too good a deal.On jack Bauer parking APP to help you set all the distribution in the perimeter of the airport parking lot, can free choice in the platform, a platform reservation, service is guaranteed, during the period of use have what problem can call customer service for help, if the car cut rub, and so on and so forth, platform will step in to help the owner to solve the problem.On top of that, booking online is cheaper than booking offline.It’s a combination of safety, convenience and money saving.1. Reserve the parking lot on the roach parking, and fill in the specific parking time, license plate number and other relevant information.2. Navigate to the parking lot through the one-button navigation button of the order, and contact the parking lot staff to arrange the vehicle to the airport.3. After returning from the plane, contact the parking lot staff to arrange to pick up the parking lot.4. Take back the car and complete the parking process.At the same time, xiaoqiang here to remind you friends, to the airport, please plan a good time, the best 2 hours in advance to arrive at the parking lot, so as not to delay time.Travel attention to safety, these practical airport travel parking knowledge, I hope to help you travel.